Capital One Introduces a New Class of Superheroes to Fight Financial Foes This National Superhero Day

Tackle financial fears head on at Capital One Cafés

To celebrate National Superhero Day on Saturday, April 28 and empower financial confidence, Capital One is launching the Financial Superpower experience in the Capital One Cafés, encouraging people to figuratively suit up and a tackle financial fears head on.

So, what do superheroes have to do with money? According to Capital One’s Financial Superpower Survey 1, 80 percent of Seattleites are battling some sort of financial struggle right now, whether that’s paying off credit card debt or rent and mortgage. More than 65 percent of Seattle respondents have financial weaknesses they continuously give in to, with more than 30% revealing their weakness to be “Avoidance.” Meaning they have an overall fear of dealing with their finances, followed by nearly 1 in 4 admitting their weakness to be “Unknowing,” meaning they don’t even know where to begin when with it comes to their finances.

Using the imaginative and conversational style of traditional comics, the Financial Superpower experience is a four-paged comic of high-tech posters, developed by industry veteran illustrators. The experience asks people a series of fun questions based on their own money habits. The first comic poster asks about financial superheroes; which character you most relate to when it comes to money. You could be The Balanced Optimist, who is effortlessly saving for the future or The Flexer, who has unlimited financial flexibility. Then, the second poster asks about your financial villain such as the Impulsinator, an impulse buyer extraordinaire or, perhaps, Blissful Ignorance, making you armed with all the proverbial financial unknowns. Once selected, individuals are then asked to select their current financial battle – like paying bills or paying off debt – and finally, the last poster asks about your current quest, like getting married, retiring or travel.

Capital One created the interactive experience to incite conversations around money. The goal is to help people identify and hone their strength so they can approach their financial journey with confidence.

The Financial Superpower experience will be available at select Capital One Cafés throughout the nation through the end of June. Because thinking and talking about money can be stressful, Capital One Cafés provide a relaxed environment centered around solving visitor’s financial problems and helping them reach their money goals.

At the Capital One Cafés, visitors can get help with their financial battles and quests through free services like Money Coaching, which is a three-part program delivered in-person and designed to connect your values to your money, plan your path for future goals and help you give you the confidence to get there. At the Cafés you can also partake in free Money Workshops, a series of seminars themed around important life moments such as “Talk Money with Your Honey” or “Moving on up in Work and in Life”.

In addition to the in-Café poster experience, Capital One’s Superhero Squad will be hitting the streets of Seattle on April 27-28 (in and around South Lake Union) to surprise and delight people with random acts of kindness.

You can discover your own financial superpower by visiting a local Capital One Café or on

Money Coaches are not financial advisors, or accountants, or tax specialists.

1 The Capital One Financial Superpower Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults, ages 18+, and to 500 adults in each of 8 DMAs: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Denver between March 30 and April 9, 2018, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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