Best Personal At-Home Testing Products on the Market

The history and evolution of at-home testing products have considerably risen over the decades. Coming from a time when even minimal tests required a lot of funds, the tests for diabetes, blood, pregnancy, and many other health conditions can now be done accurately at home.

This has several benefits in itself. You can now have the safety of trying the products at your home without spending a considerable amount or traveling to the clinics.

At-home testing kits became popular well over half a century ago or more with no good traces, but ever since, many medical conditions have been easily diagnosed at home. A few examples include glucose, blood, urine, and pregnancy tests. After much research, trial, and error, these test kits have been made available.

So today, we are here to bring you the best of at-home testing products that can aid you. Our research and development team has checked these products well in so many terms. All the products are good with quality and pricing. So let’s have a look:

The Best At-Home Testing Products in 2022

EverlyWell With tests in nutrition, female health, male health, and sexual health, the labs used for testing are CLIA certified, and the range of tests and products offered by the company is $20-$230.
Viome This one is major in unique mRNA tests that detect chronic disease. The tests and products range from $50-$200. It uses blood and stool samples for testing; if the supplements are used well for three months, 70% of people have gotten great results.
Personalabs This one offers over 400 lab tests in 4000 locations that can be accessed. The range is from $20-$250. The results are promising enough in terms of accuracy and delivered within 24-48 hours.
MyLab Box Enjoys an excellent customer rating; the tests vary from $20-$500. They included tests like fertility, nutrition, and STDs. The labs are CLIA certified and deliver results between 1-5 days.
Vessel Tests start from as low as $10. The membership is offered from $35-$50. It just focuses on everyday well-being and takes a quiz t to provide personalized solutions—only one of a kind to offer a money-back guarantee.
Health Labs It ranges from $30-$200, one of the companies that provides the broadest range of tests. It delivers results within three days. Check their website for all the categories and give it a shot.
Simply Health Checks Only focused on providing food sensitivity tests starting from $20. They can check you for about 900 different food items. You can even get the money refunded if the solutions don’t work out for you. They take your hair sample for testing.
The DNA Company With clinical trials of around 5000 people, the company works just for the DNA and then detects chronic diseases. It starts at $400. They assign you a coach and help .you for a healthy journey lifestyle.
Macujo Macujo is a personal shampoo crafted by Mike. He helps eliminate drugs from hair with his unique formula that cleans the hair from the inside out. It doesn’t cause any damage to the hair. They also have urine and saliva tests. Everything ranges from $10-$280.
Vitall It has a team of 16 qualified doctors on the board to help with the testing and reviewing. Everything ranges from $50- $100. Suitable for Both at-home tests and subscription packages.
121Doc Ranging from $100 to $300, this handy doctor is a company that checks you, detects the problem, and delivers the medicine to your doorstep. It gets you in personal touch with the doctor.
PassYourTest Ranging from $59-$150, this company has a 5-day detox program. It can help you detoxify with capsules and powders to pass any drug test. Over 250,000 people have already used it.
Certified Toxicity & Detox Specialist Program It’s a program priced at $247. It aims at making you a healer that can help people get a detox. It helps you cover a syllabus and detect the toxicity in the body, and then you can be certified personnel to assist with unique detox plans.



EverlyWell is digital healthcare that provides a great variety of test kits that can be used in the comfort of your home. These tests include Nutritional, General, Sexual, Women, and Men’s Health.

There are several options available. You can choose the kit and use it at your home. The results provided by the kit are easy to read and even transformable.

They have five tests and four different supplements on the nutritional front. For women, have six tests and post-result webinars that can help with getting back on a healthy track. They have seven tests for the sexual category, and Rx is also available. There are two tests available for men. And apart from that, even a Covid-19 test kit is available.

The pricing for all the tests and products is very affordable. The tests and the supplements range from $20-$230. There are no hidden costs. The results sent to the consumers are reviewed by their onboard physicians before reaching there. For personal health care, the results are made very digitally understandable.

The laboratories where the results are made are CLIA certified. This ensures that the test results are accurate and precise in terms of standards. Local physicians also use these laboratories. With independent third-party verification, you can rest assured that there will be no glitch in your results.



Viome split into two divisions: Consumer Services and Viome Health Science division. It is working on eliminating chronic diseases from the human body by improving gut health. It is the only company working on the human body’s mRNA.

It has health and gut intelligence tests, and it also deals in supplements and plans. The products range from $50- $200. It takes blood and stool samples to check your health.

People who have used these tests receive a personalized recommendation based on their test. It has personalized food recommendations to make you healthier.

If you use Viome supplements accordingly for 90 days, you will get definite results. About 70% of people experienced the same. So you should give it a try.



The most sorted out and easy website to use, PersonaLabs works with three simple steps: Firstly, you order your test from their website. Secondly, you visit the lab near your location. Thirdly, within 24 to 48 hours, you get your results.

They mainly offer telemedicine and blood testing. They have 400 different types of lab tests and 4000 locations across the country for your visits. They also have the doctor’s order inclusive of your order of blood test kits.

They also have a customer care team ready at all times to guide you. Once you get the results, you can readily consult a doctor about your ailments from your office or home.

The products are rated between $20-$250. The website is very user-friendly, and it’s easy to get the desired tests done with easy-to-go instructions.

MyLab Box


Starting from $20-$500, MyLab Box has a significant number of tests to offer. They include tests for fertility, nutrition, STDs, and others. Apart from that, they also provide tests like skin vitality and anti-aging, which other companies don’t generally offer on the list. Even this company works with labs that are CLIA certified.

It also has Covid Test starting from $99. They provided accurate results within 1-5 working days. Also, your results to and from the lab are not charged. They are free. They also have a very trustable medical team. You easily shop for your desired products by categories available on their website.

There are a lot of consumers and media that have said this about the company. The company has been good with growth and survival in the markets for almost a decade. This shows that the quality and the results are excellent, and the company’s pricing and value are also worth it.



Everything from cricket bats for kids to our mugs and bags to our phone covers, we aim for customization or personalization. So why not with health. So Vessel beings you a quiz. It gets to know you well before formulating a health plan for you. It goes for easy testing, at-the-moment results, and desired outcomes.

They enjoy excellent customer feedback, and a team of fantastic healthcare professionals backs them. They even have a 30-day return policy, which is rarely found in other companies.

Their membership ranges from $35-$50. The tests range from as low as $10. So it’s like you have doctors and nutritionists in your pocket. You can readily access them and start your journey to a healthy life.



HealthLabs is one of those that provide the broadest range in various tests. It charges minimal amounts and delivers the result with utmost accuracy within three days. Most tests can be performed at home, and the lab ones have 4500 locations ready around you. The range of tests is from $30-$200.

On the front of the step, it’s an easy three-step process. You order a test, send it to a lab, and receive your results. The labs are CLIA certified, and you can easily trust them over the privacy of your tests.

The wide range of tests available include tests for heavy metals and toxins, hormones tests, testosterone tests, hepatitis, diabetes, drugs test, thyroid, and sports tests. So check out their categories and find a suitable option if you want to try this one.

Simply Health Checks


Focusing on just one, Simply Health Checks offers a food sensitivity test. It costs about $20. You can expect results within five days. It comes in three ranges showing how many different food items can be tested. All you need to do for the test is register yourself and order a test, then check the video and provide a hair sample. And then you’ll get the results. They also have a money-back guarantee.

This gives you a better insight into your health. It’s easier to track what your body likes or dislikes. Or what food items suit you. They have a high quality of assurance and work well in the chosen field.

The DNA Company

The name suits it well. The DNA Company strives to keep a check of 22000+ genes in your body to improve your performance. The company ranges at $400. They have done clinical trials with more than 5000 people.

They mainly work for better health by detecting issues like cancer, diabetes, heart health, fertility, autism, hair health, and others.

They understand your genes and provide you with an effective solution to work for better health. Their product is DNA 360. By using it, you get 38 reports depending on your DNA. They assign you a coach for your journey of becoming a healthier and stronger person.



Macujo has worked in the market with more than 20 years of experience. The primary one-focused thing it offers is a custom Mike’s Macujo shampoo that removes any drugs from your hair so that you can smoothly clear your drug test.

They have free shipping and delivery within seven days. They have a hair test kit and products to help you cure your problem. They also have urine and saliva test products. Everything ranges from $10-$280.



Vitall is another company on our list. It mainly focuses on blood tests. It has a team of 16 highly qualified doctors. They bring your health information to you in a very confidential way. The health track of you and your loved ones is now just a phone away.

You can access it while you’re abroad. It helps with organizing and planning a family. You can use their caring for sometimes to keep a check on your loved ones. It supports all your health information in one place. The plans range from $50- $100 per month.



In three simple steps, you can get your health journey started with 121doc. You apply for an order, the doctor reviews it, and the order is on its way to you.

The company deals with hair loss, contraception, erectile dysfunction, asthma, weight loss, diabetes, STI, and premature ejaculation. They have a live chat option and a doctor or a professional available through the mail.

They also have good customer reviews. You can choose your requirement from a broad category of products listed on the website. You can even subscribe and repeat your orders for more savings.



PassYourTest is an essential detox helper to help you pass any drug test, the second one on our list. It offers a money-back guarantee and has been pretty strong in the market since 2000. It also provides free shipping on US orders.

They have a range of detox programs for particular days, and the programs on the website range from $59-$150. It’s designed to clean away all the toxicity from the body for a new and healthy you. You can take a quiz and get a custom product for yourself.

Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist Program


The Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist Program works to make you a specialist. The company’s program makes you capable enough to detect toxicity levels in people. You can use a detoxifying approach after that to help someone out.

It has HFC certifications that you can use for yourself or even start with your own detoxification business. The program has six modules and then a final exam to help you cover the knowledge required for the same. Make sure you try it as it’s easy on the pockets.

What Is An STD Test?

An STD test measures if you have an STI. STIs are diseases that affect your reproductive organs. Most STDs are curable if caught early. STD tests are done to diagnose STIs. They also help prevent future infections.

You can get an STD test at any time. You don’t need to wait until you think you might be infected. If you’re sexually active, you should get tested regularly. Your doctor will ask questions about your health history. They will examine your private areas.

A lab technician will use a swab to collect samples from your cervix, rectum, penis, vulva, or anus. Afterward, the lab technician will send the sample to a testing facility. The results take a few days to come back. You’ll receive your results by mail.

At-Home STD Test Vs. Clinic STD Tests

Clinic STD tests are performed in a medical office. At-home STD tests are self-administered. Self-administered STD tests include blood collection and urine analysis. Some clinics offer these services as well. In some cases, clinic STD tests require more than one visit. For example, a woman who wants to know if she’s pregnant must go to her doctor first. Then she must return for another appointment to find out if she has chlamydia.

At-home STD tests are less expensive. However, they aren’t always accurate. Some people believe that at-home STD tests are unreliable because they are not FDA-approved, which isn’t true.

FDA approval means that a company has gone through extensive clinical trials. These studies show that the product works. FDA approval doesn’t mean that the product is safe or effective. It just shows that it meets specific standards. At-home STD test kits are available over the counter. You don’t need a prescription to buy them. However, you must read the instructions carefully before using the kit. If you follow the directions correctly, you shouldn’t have problems. It’s important to note that there are no 100% guaranteed ways to avoid getting an STD.

You can do things to lower your risk of contracting an STD. For example, you can wear condoms every time you have sex. Condoms protect against both bacterial and viral STDs. Condoms also reduce the chance of spreading STDs to others. You can also get regular checkups with your doctor. A yearly exam includes a physical examination and STD screening. Your doctor may recommend other tests such as pap smears to detect cervical cancer.

Pap smears are recommended once every three years. The American Cancer Society recommends women start having annual pap smears when they turn 21. Women under 30 should begin having pap smears annually. Women older than 30 should continue having pap smears every year.

Checking yourself for STDs is essential. But remember that you can only catch an STD if you have sexual contact with someone who already has one. This is why it’s so important to practice safer sex.

Talk to your doctor if you think you might be infected with an STD. They can help you decide what treatment options are best for you.

What Is A Cardiovascular Health Test?

Cardiovascular health tests are used to diagnose heart disease. They also monitor patients’ progress after being treated for cardiovascular diseases.

A cardiovascular health test consists of several parts:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Exercise stress test
  • Blood cholesterol level
  • Blood glucose level
  • Blood panel

The electrocardiogram (EKG) measures how fast the heart’s electrical activity changes during exercise. An abnormal result could indicate a problem with the heart muscle itself.

An exercise stress test involves walking on a treadmill while wearing electrodes attached to your chest. The machine records your heartbeat and monitors your breathing rate as you walk.

The blood pressure cuff is inflated around your upper arm. Blood pressure readings are taken in different positions: lying down, sitting up, standing up, etc.

Your doctor will take blood samples from your finger. This part of the test checks your cholesterol levels.

Your doctor will also measure your weight, height, and body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared.

It’s possible to develop high blood pressure without knowing it. High blood pressure can cause serious health problems. High blood pressure puts extra strain on your heart. Over time, this can lead to heart failure.

Your doctor may order additional tests to find out more about your condition. For example, they may recommend an echocardiogram. An echocardiogram uses sound waves to create images of your heart. These images show any abnormalities in your heart structure.

At-Home Cardiovascular Health Test Vs. Clinic Cardiovascular Health Test

Clinic Cardiovascular Health Tests Cost More Than At-Home Tests You can save money by doing at-home cardiovascular health tests. However, some lab tests require a visit to a clinic.

Lab tests performed in a clinic cost less than those done at home. Some labs charge a flat fee per test regardless of how many tests you need. Others charge based on the number of tests ordered.

Some clinics offer free or discounted services. Using these services, you’ll pay nothing for most lab tests. For example, the Cleveland Clinic provides free lipid panels for uninsured people. But there are limits. Free services don’t apply to all tests; not everyone qualifies for them. For example, you must meet specific income requirements to qualify for free cholesterol testing.

If you have insurance, ask your doctor if they can access laboratory discounts. You may be able to get lower prices for lab tests through your insurance plan.

What Is An At-Home Fertility Test?

Fertility tests help women determine whether they’re pregnant. They’re also helpful before trying to become pregnant. Women who want to know their pregnancy chances should do fertility tests.

These tests check hormone levels in urine and saliva. Hormone levels change as women age. A woman’s hormones affect her ability to conceive. In addition, pregnancy affects hormone levels. So, a woman who wants to get pregnant must know her hormone levels before becoming pregnant.

How Do I Choose The Right Fertility Test?

Choosing a fertility test depends on which results in your need.

Do you just want to see if you’re pregnant? Then you probably won’t need a fertility test. However, if you’re planning to become pregnant, you might want to consider one.

A fertility test measures hormone levels. When you’re ready to try to get pregnant, you need to know whether your hormones are suitable for conception. This information helps doctors decide when to start trying. It also lets you prepare yourself mentally and physically.

When To Take Your Fertility Test?

The best time to take a fertility test is during your menstrual cycle. During menstruation, your ovaries produce eggs. You may not be fertile if you haven’t had sex within two weeks of taking your test. However, if you’ve been sexually active, you can still take a fertility test.

To ensure you’re ready to conceive, you should wait until about three months after having unprotected intercourse. Your body will be more receptive to fertilization then. Also, you’ll be more likely to detect early pregnancy.

At-Home Fertility Test Vs. Clinic Fertility Test

An at-home fertility test costs less than a clinic fertility test, but it doesn’t always provide accurate results. You can find an at-home fertility test kit online. These kits usually include instructions for performing the test.

Clinic fertility tests are more accurate. They measure hormone levels using blood samples for better accuracy. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate at-home fertility tests. So, don’t rely on them alone. Instead, talk with your doctor. They can advise you on the risks and benefits of each type of test. Also, your doctor can tell you whether you need another test. For example, if you already took an at-home fertility kit.

If you choose to use an at-home fertility testing kit, follow its instructions carefully. Also, keep track of your symptoms. Don’t assume that you’re pregnant. Talk with your doctor if you experience any unusual changes in your period.

If you don’t feel well, call your doctor. Tell them about your symptoms. This gives your doctor time to diagnose problems.

What Is An At-Home DNA Test?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It contains genetic information that determines whether you’re healthy or sick. Your genes determine your physical appearance, susceptibility to disease, and other traits.

Genetic mutations can cause specific health conditions like cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Huntington’s disease, and Tay-Sachs disease. A DNA test can detect these genetic mutations.

How Does A DNA Test Work?

A DNA test looks for variations in your genes. Divergences occur when one gene differs from another. These differences can affect your risk of developing certain diseases. For example, a mutation in the BRCA1 gene increases your chances of getting breast cancer. This test detects the presence of such mutations with a sample of cells from your cheek.

This sample is sent to a lab where technicians isolate the DNA and look for variations in the DNA. Variations are called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Each SNP represents a variation in your DNA sequence. Most SNPs aren’t harmful but increase your risk of developing certain illnesses. So far, scientists haven’t found a way to predict which SNPs threaten your health. In addition to detecting SNPs, a DNA test can reveal your ancestry.

Many companies sell DNA kits that analyze your genome. They compare your results with databases of known SNPs. This helps identify your ethnicity. Your ethnicity affects your risk of developing some medical issues. For example, African Americans are more likely to develop diabetes than Caucasians. African Americans also tend to have higher rates of obesity and hypertension.

What Is An At-Home Drug Test?

Drug tests help doctors diagnose drug abuse. Urine tests can detect several types of drugs, including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), propoxyphene, THC, and others.

Doctors often combine multiple tests to confirm a diagnosis. For example, a urine test combined with a hair follicle test can detect marijuana use. The FDA regulates drug tests.

Each test should follow a standardized procedure to ensure accuracy:

  • You can buy drug tests online or at retail stores. These tests usually come with instructions. Follow them carefully.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before taking a drug test. Alcohol can interfere with the results.
  • Don’t eat or smoke anything during the test. Food and tobacco can alter the pH level of your urine.
  • If you don’t urinate within two hours after eating or smoking, wait until later.

Employers use drug tests to screen job applicants. Employers want to know if their workers take illegal substances. They use home drug tests because employees can avoid workplace testing. Employees who fail a drug test face termination. Some states require employers to test all new hires. Some states allow employers to test workers randomly.

What Is A Blood Drug Test?

Blood tests detect drugs in your blood. Doctors use this type of test to diagnose drug abuse. Your doctor will draw blood from an arm vein, collecting it into a tube containing special chemicals.

The chemicals react with any drugs present in your bloodstream. The chemicals won’t change color if there’s no drug in your system. Afterward, the doctor will send the tube to a laboratory where technicians add reagents that turn blood-red. Next, they centrifuge the mixture. This separates the liquid part of the blood from the solid parts.

Finally, they examined the separated liquid using a microscope. If the technician finds traces of a drug, they mark the slide. The slides go back to the lab, where technicians read them.

What Is A Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug tests work like blood tests. The only difference is that they measure levels of drugs in your scalp instead of your blood. A doctor collects a strand of hair from your head. They wrap the strand around a paper clip.

Then, the doctor places the paperclip on top of a glass slide. Next, they add a chemical solution. The chemicals react to the drugs in your body. Then, the doctor examines the slide under a microscope. They look for signs of drugs.

Why Are Drug Tests Conducted?

Drug tests are conducted to determine whether someone has taken illegal drugs. For example, a person could be charged with DUI if their driver’s license was suspended due to drug use. In some cases, a person may have been arrested for possession of drugs.

These people might need to prove that they haven’t used drugs since the arrest. Sometimes, employers conduct drug tests to check for drug use. They do so to prevent accidents and other problems on the job.

Some employers also conduct random drug tests. Random tests are done without warning. Random tests are helpful when you’re not sure about a worker’s drug history. Most employers conduct urine tests. Urine tests are more common than blood tests. However, both types of tests can detect certain drugs.

How Do You Pass A Drug Test?

You pass a drug test if you don’t use drugs while taking the test. This means you should not consume food or drink before taking the test. It also means you shouldn’t smoke or chew gum while taking the test. These activities can affect the results.

You must also urinate at least twice during the test. If you don’t urinate within two hours of eating or smoking, wait for later. Don’t drink alcohol during the test. It can cause false positives. If you use prescription medications, make sure you tell the tester. Also, tell them what medication you’re taking. Some medicines can interfere with the test.

Ranking Factors – How We Ranked The Best At-Home Testing Products

The companies that we review are very well checked for the following reasons by our research and editorial team. We have only picked the best to the table so that you don’t have to dig in the dirt of multiple fraudulent companies and products.

Before bringing a product to you, the team has put in blood and sweat to keep a clean graphical check on the company’s background and how it can be helpful to the consumer. We are honest with you about our reviews, so we give you a list of criteria a company must pass through before making it to our list of best at-home testing products. Let’s check it out.


Well, the first on our list is accuracy. Any company we mention is accurate and precise in checking and delivering the tests’ results. Without accurate results, it’s very likely for any consumer or a patient to get the wrong help.

If someone opts for at-home testing, the first doubt is about accuracy. So any company that has to pass through our radars is well checked to be delivered accurate results over a long time to ensure no glitches or problems for the patient.

Convenient for Use

If you’re not going to the laboratory, you must get the testing done by following the instructions at home. Now, if the companies don’t give easy-to-use products, people would consider going to the labs instead.

In this case, we have done a thorough check. All the above products are accessible to people of all ages and can be efficiently used.


Going and coming to labs and hospitals for tests is not always easy on the pockets. Most of the tests dig a hole in your pocket. In that case, at-home tests can be economically well suited. An example of that is DNA tests.

There was a time when it used to cost $10000 for those, and now it’s about $50. All the companies listed by us are excellent on the pockets. And they are also good enough for the price you pay for them.

Wide Range of Products

Starting from products that can check blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnancy, the at-home tests come in various ranges, like gut health tests, family planning tests, and drug tests. You can even get your allergy tests at home.

The companies have a wide range of criteria and tests available in those criteria. The tests are cheap and can be readily taken without too much hassle.

Professional Healthcare Team

Every company listed by us has a very dignified team of professional clinical medics and independent physicians working on board, monitoring the products, and reviewing the results. They don’t just give a hand in manufacturing or keeping a check but also keep track of the aftermath.

This ensures that your health is in very safe hands. The concerned healthcare professionals are outstanding and impart solutions for the detected problems with practical guides. This makes it very easy to get instant guidance on the issue, and you can expect immediate changes.

Science-backed Mechanism

All the companies have used scientific backing for all their goods and services. The science is the human body has seen a considerable rising graph over the centuries. The more we study the human body, the more we realize the problems and the cures.

The companies ensure that they get to the detection of the problem and then deliver accurate results so that the problem can be cured on time and with the proper medication. All the tests provided are backed by science by the companies we listed above.

Company’s Standing

When it comes to our bodies, we want the best. We can’t have a second opinion on that. We can’t go for trial and error in that case. So whatever company we choose, we ensure it is well survived in the market.

A lot of customers have reviewed the companies that we have mentioned. This shows the quality of the products is trustable, and the company that enjoys good customer ratings has a higher chance of growth in the market. So no company from our list is fraudulent.

Final Verdict: Is It Okay To Rely On At-Home Testing Products?

Well, now we know what at-home testing products are, the prices, and how they work. It’s a clear indication that they are the future. For decades, people have spent so much money going from one place to another to get simple tests done. Even after that, there is an agonizing wait for the results. Not to mention the money that is spent on the same.

It’s better to switch to at-home testing devices to reverse this. Healthcare professionals have curated these products. They are tested on and by so many people. The results offered are clinically tested and reviewed by physicians.

You can rest assured in terms of quality and pocket-friendly companies that offer these products. So figure out your needs and give at-home testing a try; it will change your outlook on getting excellent health. It will be easier and better!