Best Love Tarot Reading Sites of 2021

Have you ever been in love? It can be highly exhilarating; it can be unbelievably fulfilling. It can be one of the best sensations a person can feel… so why is it that relationships can be so difficult to obtain or exhausting to maintain?

Love and romance are complicated, no ifs ands or buts about it. No one really knows the secret to a perfect relationship so trying to make things work can often feel like guesswork and can occasionally feel frustrating, confusing, and sometimes even impossible. At times, it feels like it would be nice to just know the answers once and for all!

This is where tarot love readings come in. Psychics and their tools have existed for hundreds of years and come from all around the world. Oracles and psychics are depicted as great advisors in ancient societies for common folk and especially royalty, fabled for their fantastical powers to assist with great life decisions and to give an idea of what the future holds. As wonderful as tarot card reading sessions are, the internet can be a scary place, and it’s easy to fake good things under the guise of a pretty interface. We specifically chose these websites to give individuals like you the safest, most accurate, most skilled, and overall best options for psychic hosting websites that offer love tarot card readings.

2021’s Top 3 Best Tarot Reading Sites

  1. Keen – Best Array of Experienced Psychics and Options (First 3 Minutes Free For Any Psychic)
  2. Kasamba – Great Options for People Just Getting Into Psychic Readings (Free 3 Minutes with Every New Psychic Plus 50% Off First Session)
  3. MysticSense – Great Deals for Great Tarot Card Reads (Lowest Rates Starting at $0.99 a Minute)

Not only are these sites reliable, but they offer great privacy protection and superb customer service. Their quality is best expressed by the drones of happy customer reviews that can be read on the sites.

1. Keen – Best Array of Experienced Psychics and Options



  • Large Collection of Thoroughly Screened Psychic Readers
  • First 3 Minutes Free
  • Customer Reviews Rave About Excellent Experiences and Sessions
  • Easy to Use Interface with Options For Many Types of Romantic Topics


  • Some of the Psychics Can Be a Bit Pricey

If you’ve been researching “psychic reading sites” for a while then chances are you’re no stranger to “Keen,” and for good reason too. Keen is one of the web’s most prominent and coveted psychic reading websites, with 20 years of experience and an extensive collection of talented effective psychics under their belt. Flush with options and good business practices, Keen is an absolute beast, and is a safe choice for both psychic noobs and veterans alike.

Whether you’re a widow, single, or an LGBT individual, there’s an option for everyone on Keen. The psychics on this site have a medley of specialties, and will often excel at helping with multiple kinds of issues. This means that there’s always a little something for everyone. Having the ability to choose a psychic who is familiar with or extremely knowledgeable about your predicament will help yield faster and more detailed answers.

Many of Keen’s psychic tarot card readers are highly experienced and trained, with some having even practiced professionally for 20 years. These seasoned professionals bring their wisdom into each session, allowing them to give you unique takes and perspectives.

Want someone a little newer to the practice? Not a problem. There are also a handful of individuals who are new to the practice who are also hosted on Keen. These individuals, while new, are no amateurs, and still possess enough gifts to pass Keen’s extensive screener tests. Newer tarot card readers give fresh perspectives and may bring new techniques to the table. They can be an exciting option for individuals who frequently get reads.

Every psychic has a bio page that includes crucial information about the psychic’s background and their techniques as well as business-related things like rates and working hours. This allows users to quickly and effectively determine which psychics would and wouldn’t make good fits. The business info is also extremely useful for planning and scheduling. The business hours are even automatically adjusted to the user’s time zones, so there’s never any confusion when looking at a psychic’s page!

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2. Kasamba – Great Options for People Just Getting Into Psychic Readings



  • Large Assortment of Different Psychics
  • All Psychics Have Been Carefully Screened for Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (3 Minutes Free with EACH New Psychic)
  • Shows When Psychics Are Online and Available


  • Can Be Difficult to Plan Sessions with the Psychics

Kasamba is another pioneer of the psychic website world, with its 20 years of successful and memorable business. Known for their diverse range of psychics, Kasamba also prides themselves for their extensive vetting process for all new psychics. They offer many unique features and prove time and time again that they are absolute powerhouses when it comes to tarot card reading for love.

When searching for a tarot card reader that specializes in “love,” it’s easy to whittle down the search from even just the browsing pages. Each psychic appears with a personalized little summary, often detailing what aspects of love they focus on as well as their other areas of specialty. For example, where one psychic reader may have a paragraph about “divorce or strained” relationships, another may say that they give reads to help you through whatever state you’re in currently to flourish and eventually find love.

If you’re feeling a little phone shy, Kasamba has your back. While most psychic hosting sites offer some form of written option, Kasamba offers some of the best with their deals on emailed inquiries. Each psychic sets their own rate, so some are cheaper than others, but, generally speaking, most psychics on Kasamba give much better deals for their email sessions vs their phone sessions. This also provides customers with an alternative option that is much cheaper than the typical route.

One of the most strikingly unique features Kasamba has is their status bar. Most psychic websites will give hours or a schedule to show when psychics are most likely working. You typically must work around that, either waiting for them to be available or waiting for your scheduled appointment to begin. This feature allows individuals to make instant sessions. This works especially well for people who have an impromptu question or need answers or guidance fast.

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3. MysticSense – Great Deals for Great Tarot Card Reads



  • Great Low Prices for Sessions
  • All Psychics Have Been Screened for Quality
  • Gives Options to Join Session Via Video Chat
  • Customers Are Able to Book Ahead


  • Psychics Are Typically Less Experienced

What MysticSense lacks in experience, it makes up for with great prices, fantastic session types, and an equally talented cast of reliable and accurate psychics. MysticSense psychics are hardworking and dedicated to making sure you find and mesh well with your soulmate, interpreting the tides of life, and guiding you to choices that will eventually bring you peace and happiness. They’re effective as they are affordable, making them a tough choice to beat.

As stated above, MysticSense’s love tarot psychics all generally work towards the goal of helping you find your soulmate. While there are many psychics with an array of specialties, most have an overall goal of helping their clients achieve happiness. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some psychics will just present information, allowing instead for their clients to make the big decisions. The psychics at MysticSense are in your corner and aren’t afraid to share what they have derived to be right.

MysticSense’s website is very clean and minimalistic, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need. One can quickly browse a psychic’s page to figure out a snapshot of their abilities and maybe even their personality. Rather than buffering their profiles with lengthy descriptions, many of the individuals here will cut straight to the important bits and are extremely transparent.

The tarot card readers on MysticSense all specialize in one main area but are well versed in many areas of both psychic practices and life. It’s not uncommon to see a psychic who is a tarot card reader specializing in marriages that also has the tools, gifts, and know-how to deal with the financial problems of an individual looking for astrological-based advice.

One thing that MysticSense features that the others don’t is the ability to connect to their psychics via video chat. Most psychic sessions can be held through phone or text message just fine, but with divining methods like tarot card reading, it can feel like you’re missing out on part of the experience when you don’t actually get to see the cards. Video chatting allows for a closer connection and a more engaging session.

MysicSense also has an impeccable scheduling system, and, while customers can still call in out of the blue, they are also able to set up calls with their psychics. Calling a popular psychic can be a really frustrating experience on other websites because if the lines are being used then you just have to wait until they’re done with their previous client. This scheduling system gives customers a chance to reserve time for themself free of interruptions or obstructions!

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How do love tarot card readings work?

As simple as it may sound, love tarot card readings function like regular tarot card readings, they just revolve around the topic of “love” instead of another subject. Tarot cards are used by a group of psychics called diviners, individuals of great psychic power that use tools to harness and direct their gifts.

Each tarot card has its own unique meaning, and certain pairings or groups of cards can mean certain things. In order to properly use these cards, psychics must train and study for years, memorizing each meaning until it is something that they inherently feel and understand. When a diviner uses tarot cards for a psychic reading, they are using both their divine gifts as well as their knowledge of the cards.

When going in for a tarot card reading session, you usually need to specify the topic of your session. If you are just feeling generally troubled, you may need to spend a portion of the session talking out your problems or, the session may revolve around using the cards to figure out what’s going on with you. If you go in for a tarot card reading session and you know the topic is love, you save yourself and your psychic a step in the process, allowing them to use their cards to help you in a much faster and more efficient way.

The Best Love Tarot Cards to Receive

Before we hop into some of the better tarot cards to receive for love and relationships, it’s best to disclose that there are no real “bad tarot cards.” Many times, individuals will feel discouraged when they see cards like “Death,” feeling that these may be bad omens. While this may be true in some ways, they do not literally mean things like “a death will occur,” but instead have more abstract meaning that may apply to your life in negative or positive ways. This also means that a card with a typically “good” meaning may also have some negative or “bad” connotations for one’s life.

With this in mind, it is widely accepted that the Ten of Cups, The Sun, and The Four of Wands are three of the best cards a person can get during a love tarot card reading. Even if they still may have negative implications depending on the situation, it is generally accepted that seeing any of these three cards during a tarot card reading session is a great sign for an individual or a relationship.

An upright Ten of Cups typically indicates peace and happiness for an individual’s relationship. This is usually a great time to be with your partner and maybe also a good chance to spend more time with both them and your family. Single people who get this read will also usually really hit it off with anyone they enter a relationship with. Usually, this relationship will be long-lasting and extremely rewarding.

When The Sun makes an upright appearance this is usually a great and exciting omen. In daily life, the sun is a bringer of warmth and life. The Sun card brings implications of happiness, prosperity, and new beginnings. You and your partner may be en route to some big life changes. This is typically an exciting time for a relationship to deepen or take those next steps. Single folks who get an upright read of The Sun are at their most confident and bold, making them more alluring and stunning to those around. It could also signify a good time to go out and find a partner.

When drawn upright, the Four of Wands signifies the imminent strengthening of a couple’s bond or relationship. This could mean anything, but it typically implies marriage or anything that heightens the nature of the pair’s connection. This is a card of celebration and always points to great new beginnings amidst crowds of friends and loved ones. Single people are thought to have higher chances of making a romantic connection during large gatherings or events like weddings.

Why You Should Trust Online Tarot Card Readings

Stripped of their fancy huts or tricked-out tents, it can sometimes be difficult to trust the reliability of strangers on the other end of a phone line. Many users who have never tried getting an online psychic read are quite skeptical at first, and understandably so. The concept is quite foreign and a bit odd, but there is no real threat or worry when it comes to getting a psychic read for a trusted website.

If you use a good quality site like the ones listed above, then the psychic readers that are featured will have all been screened and tested to prove their abilities. This means that not everyone can be a psychic, and in fact, most individuals looking to fake it and make a quick buck are quickly detected and weeded out. The psychics shown on these sites have great abilities, and they use their gifts for the intended purpose of helping their clients.

By hosting these services online rather than in person, it allows for way more people to be put in touch with way more psychics. Typically, a person would maybe have one to two psychics to choose from in a town (if there are any, to begin with). If they didn’t match with either of the psychics then they just wouldn’t have any advisors to go to. With psychic hosting sites, users are able to search through thousands of options, giving them to search until they find a perfect fit.

The act of getting your tarot cards read is also extremely safe. Since many consider it to be an “occult practice,” it can get a bit of a bad reputation, sometimes being compared in severity to tools like ouija boards. Tarot cards originated from normal playing cards and actually, each deck possesses no inherent power. All of the fortune-telling comes from the psychic reader which is what makes them so crucial to the process.

What Should I Ask My Psychic?

It may be tempting to walk into a tarot card reading session and ask hard-hitting questions about yourself or your love life, but it’s important to be mindful of how you ask your questions. There are indeed no wrong questions, especially in a tarot card reading session, but there are ways you can get the most out of your time when meeting with a psychic advisor.

Try your best to avoid questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” First of all, any psychic reading is not 100% accurate so on the off chance that you’re wrong you could end up feeling very cheated or fooled. Second, questions like this close the conversation. There is little to talk about after an answer like “yes.”

It is recommended that you ask more broad or open-ended questions that help spark a conversation with you and your advisor. These questions will not only yield richer reads and answers, but they’ll also help give your psychic more context about you and your situation. Human problems and situations are complicated and complex; answers aren’t usually black or white so be sure to leave room for those messy gray areas.

Say you’re in a situation where you and a friend are starting to develop romantic feelings out of nowhere. Even if the questions on your mind are “Do they like me?” or “Will they ask me out?” Those aren’t very helpful in the long run and don’t account for other factors.

Maybe one of you is going through some tough personal struggles or maybe some things are barring you from being together. A question like “How are things going with me and that person?” sparks a larger conversation. It gives a better idea of what’s on both of your minds, giving you the information you need to take charge and decide how to proceed yourself. Rather than guiding you or telling you what to do, it gives you the tools to do it all on your own.

How Do I Know if a Psychic is Right For Me?

Many of these sites will explicitly write about how important it is to find a psychic that matches well with your needs and your personality. Psychics are like therapists in the sense that they all may be trained and good at what they do, but some work better for certain people than others do. Even if you find an extremely talented psychic, it won’t matter if you can’t effectively communicate with one another.

A well-matched psychic should feel easy to talk to; you might even want to talk to them more often. They’re someone that can understand what you mean without having to ask too many questions and they always feel like they’re on the same page as you. These individuals make you feel comfortable and heard so opening up about even really tough things doesn’t seem like as difficult of a task.

A perfectly matched psychic will also use methods and styles that either fit your beliefs, interests, and or needs appropriately. For example, even within the world of just specifically love tarot card readers, you may find a lot of options, but some will focus on specific aspects of “love.” You may find someone you imagine you’d gel well with, but if you’re looking for LGBT advice and they’re a divorce specialist then you most likely need to find another option.


There are no love potions or magic spells to make people fall in love with you, but there are spiritual advisors out there who are more than happy to light the way to happiness. Even though psychics were once only accessible through limited and expensive physical visits, the internet has opened up the world of psychic readings to a much larger audience.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect time to propose or you are down on your luck waiting for the right person to ask you out, a love tarot card reading can be a fun and informative way to get the jump on your love life. People get advice from their friends, close family members, and even coworkers. Why not get some helpful tips from someone who has a bit more insight on what your future holds?

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