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Best Delta 8 Gummies: Premium Line of Delta-8 THC Edibles (2021)

Delta-8 THC is the best way to relax at the end of a long day. Available as everything from flowers and gummies to vapes and tinctures, delta-8 THC is a fully legal way to relax your body and mind. If you want to find and enjoy the best delta-8 gummies on the market, then you are where you need to be.

How We Tested These Delta 8 Gummies

As great as these delta-8 gummies are, there is one small problem with using them — there are too many brands to choose from. Not all delta-8 gummies are made equal, so you want to be sure you pick a quality brand and product. That is where we come in. Here is what we looked at when compiling our list of the best five delta-8 gummy products:

  1. Customer Reviews: We wanted to know what customers had to say. Did people enjoy them? What did they think of the brand overall?
  2. Production Method: How were the delta-8 gummies made? Where does hemp come from? How is the delta-8 THC extracted?
  3. Personal Experience: How did our testers feel about these delta-8 products? What would they say are the best?

We tackled this from every angle to get the perspective needed to claim these delta-8 products are definitely the best around.

The Best Delta 8 THC Gummies Brands of 2021:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best, Top-Rated
  2. BudPop delta 8 gummies – Vegan & Most Potent
  3. Delta EFFEX – Good Customer Support
  4. Diamond CBD Chill Plus – Best Ratio of CBD & Delta-8
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular Brand

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best & Top Rated D8 Gummies

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Exhale Wellness delta-8 gummies are easily the best in our opinion. Exhale Wellness offers only the best quality delta-8 products for their customers. These delta-8 gummies are hemp-derived from vegan-friendly, natural ingredients with no additives. With everything that does — and does not — go into these gummies, it is easy to understand why we consider them the best.

Exhale Wellness has gotten off to a great start with potent gummies and a range of consumer-friendly practices. The company puts customers first, and it shows in the reviews. Exhale Wellness provides customers with a complete money-back guarantee available for 30 days. You will be hard-pressed to find such a great guarantee anywhere else. Exhale Wellness also has free shipping available for those who do not mind the wait.

Every delta-8 gummy this company makes is made from natural, organic, vegan-friendly ingredients. The hemp plants used in these gummies come from sustainable Colorado hemp farms.

As good as Exhale delta-8 gummies are, the brand stands out for offering more than just that. You can pick up some flowers, tinctures, vape carts, and soft gels made with delta-8 THC as well. Exhale Wellness has plenty of different varieties for these hemp-derived products too, so customers get a wealth of choices.

What Makes Exhale Gummies the Best?

Several things go into making these gummies the best of the best. To start, Exhale delta-8 gummies are all organic and vegan-friendly. There is a potent 25mg dose of delta-8 per gummy, giving each jar a total of 750mg. You will not find delta-8 gummies as high quality as these.

Exhale Wellness also offers COAs (Certificates of Analysis) for all hemp products sold on the website. Every product has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure customers receive safe, potent, and high-quality delta-8 THC products to suit their needs.

These delta-8 gummies are vegan-friendly because they are made with pectin over gelatin. Gelatin is an animal product, so, by using pectin instead, Exhale Wellness has made gummies to suit all dietary requirements.

Each jar of gummies has five fruity flavors to choose from. The different flavors are identified by their unique shape and color. You will taste sweet Strawberry, Apple, Grape, Orange, and Pineapple flavors with these gummies. While they are potent, the high they offer is surprisingly manageable and leaves you feeling relaxed. We saw several reviewers say the delta-8 gummies helped them sleep at night.

Flavor and Potency

Exhale Gummies come in two potencies — 750mg and 1500mg. These are sold as a 30-pack of either 25mg gummies or 50mg gummies, respectively. The 1,500mg jar is among the most potent delta-8 THC products available today.

The delta-8 gummies are also sold in various flavors including Apple, Orange, Grape, Strawberry, and Pineapple.


  • Excellent taste
  • Voted #1 by Vapor Vanity, Laweekly, Usmagazine
  • Made with full-spectrum hemp
  • COAs on all products
  • 100% organic and vegan-friendly
  • Company founded by hemp experts


  • Only available online

What Did Customers Say?

The relative newness of Exhale Wellness means there are not too many reviews out there right now. We did find some reviews and they were overwhelmingly positive. Our testers also had a great time using the products and are happy to recommend them. Customers say the delta-8 gummies are effective and potent. The delta-8 company receives praise for being so customer-friendly with a simple return policy and free shipping options.

Customer-Friendly Policies

  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Money-back guarantee

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Discount

#2. BudPop – Vegan & Most Potent

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BudPop gummies are just what you need to feel calm, collected, and ready to tackle the day. Try one of these gummies for yourself and feel the buds pop in your mouth. The gummies come in different flavors, so there is something for everyone. The delta-8 company continues to add new products and flavors in response to customer feedback as well. It is worth checking in every now and then to see if they have added something new.

BudPop delta-8 THC gummies come in packs of 25 and 50 gummies. However, only some of the flavors are available as a 50 pack. Customers can enjoy multi-buy offers to get several packs of gummies at a reduced price. There is 25mg of pure delta-8 per gummy.



  • Only available online

What Did Customers Say?

We expect BudPop could become a major player in a few years. The delta-8 company has plenty of fans that also seem to think that way, given how many positive product reviews we found for them.

Customers praise the gummies for their potency and effects. Users said the gummies helped them focus and complete their work on time or relax after a long day on the job.

Customer-Friendly Policies

  • Products ship within three days
  • 30-day return policy

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Discount

#3. Delta EFFEX – Wide Variety

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Not sure which flavor of gummy to try? Then Delta EFFEX is for you. The delta-8 brand has ten different flavors to choose from. Every flavor has a full 20mg of delta-8 THC packed in. We recommend trying the Rainbow Pack to get gummies in a variety of flavors, including Blue Razz, Strawberry, and Mango. It is a delightful taste experience you will not soon forget.

We recommend all beginners start by trying just half a gummy to test the effects. Then, you can increase the dosage as your tolerance to delta-8 increases. Remember, it can take an hour or two for these gummies to really kick in. Because they are edible products, your body has to digest them first. You will get a great high that is definitely worth the wait though.

These delta-8 THC gummies are as sweet as they are delicious. One small problem with Delta EFFEX is they are made with gelatin and not pectin. As such, these gummies are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • Great for sleeping at night
  • Incredible taste
  • 20mg of delta-8 per gummy
  • May help to focus and relax


  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Only available through an online store

What Did Customers Say?

The gummies are a hit with anyone who tries them. Most reviews we found were five stars and filled with glowing praise. More reviews come in each day that continue to highlight the positives of these gummies. Those positives include the potent effects of relaxation and helping users sleep at night. The company also received some praise for their efficient shipping policies.

Some people praised the gummies for aiding with particular health conditions including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We even heard from people who said the gummies helped reduce blood pressure. Outside of these positive benefits, the gummies get plenty of praise for being delicious and for being just potent enough.

Customer-Friendly Policies

  • Shipping takes just a few days
  • Opportunity to cancel unshipped orders for a full refund
  • Accessible and friendly customer service

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Discount

#4. Diamond CBD Chill Plus – Best Ratio of CBD & Delta-8

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We go from some of the newer names to one of the oldest. Diamond CBD was among the OG CBD brands. The company has since expanded to include a range of delta-8 THC products. The company is committed to further research and development of new products. This has helped Diamond CBD last much longer than the competition.

Diamond CBD clearly focuses on delivering top-quality products to satisfy customers. Between sourcing all of the hemp from sustainable farms and offering incredible customer service, it is easy to see what makes these delta-8 gummies some of the best on the market.

One thing that helps Diamond CBD stand out is the company talks to chemists, doctors, hemp farmers, and scientists to develop better products. Every Diamond CBD product is certified organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. The hemp used in these products is extracted with CO2, which is the best method for securing plenty of excellent quality hemp with other beneficial phytonutrients.

What Makes These Gummies Stand Out?

Diamond CBD gummies stand out for offering more than basic delta-8 THC. The gummies are made with a combination of 10mg of delta-8 and 10mg of CBD. The gummies also have other hemp extracts with special phytonutrients to deliver a delicious and nutritious gummy product.

These gummies also stand out for a clear focus on customer safety and satisfaction. All products are tested by an independent lab to ensure they are safe to use. You can expect to receive nothing but a pure and potent product from Diamond CBD.

The CBD in the gummies helps to counter the potential side effects of using delta-8. This gives the gummies a smoother and more relaxed high compared to pure delta-8 THC gummies.

Every jar of these great gummies comes with five different delicious flavors to enjoy. You can identify the flavors by their color. The high you get from these gummies is more tempered than the other products on our list, giving you a relaxing experience for both body and mind. The gummies offer stress, anxiety, and pain relief. There are plenty of studies that prove how CBD helps with these.

Moreover, while these gummies are not available at different potency levels, they are available in a variety of flavors. Expect to find hints of Blueberry, Mango, and Watermelon when eating these gummies.


  • CO2 extraction method
  • Fully transparent brand
  • Great flavor
  • Combines delta-8 THC and CBD for best effects
  • Sustainable business practices


  • Does not contain full-spectrum hemp

What Did Customers Say?

Diamond CBD products have earned plenty of positive reviews over the years, and the delta-8 gummies are no exception. The world is starting to understand the potential of cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, meaning these gummies are quickly becoming a fan favorite. They offer a pleasant high with a delicious taste.

Consumers praise the health benefits of using these gummies as well. The gummies can help with chronic pain, which is among the most common reasons people turn to CBD and delta-8 THC in the first place. The gummies also offer a measure of stress and anxiety relief for users.

Customer-Friendly Policies

  • Fast two-day shipping for orders over $100
  • Free replacement on lost and damaged items
  • Easy return process with a 30-day guarantee

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Best Discount

#5. 3Chi – Most Popular Brand

image 1

The 3Chi brand is behind some of the most potent hemp products you will find today. The company was founded by a prominent scientist who understood the value of hemp and wanted to explore it as alternative medicine. Their experience as a researcher helped to develop a unique method for extracting delta-8 THC that has forever changed how the hemp industry works.

3Chi rode the wave of that momentum and went on to produce incredible products. These gummies only go from strength to strength, along with all the other products produced under the 3Chi name.

What Makes 3Chi Gummies Special?

One look at the customer reviews tells you everything you need to know about 3Chi gummies and what makes them so special. Just about every review we found for the gummies was a positive one. The hemp used for these gummies is organically grown and sourced from American farms.

The company uses a safe and secure process to extract the delta-8 THC from the hemp plants. The gummies themselves are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, meaning anyone can enjoy them no matter their dietary requirements. The only thing remotely wrong with the gummies is that they have artificial colors and flavors. Every ingredient outside of those is clean and natural though.

The gummies are made with a mix of CBC and CBN to deliver plenty of benefits for your mind and body when consumed. The gummies taste just like candy, so be careful to avoid eating more than you should.

3Chi as a company gets plenty of praise for being so transparent about how their products are made and tested for safety. All of the products created by 3Chi are subject to testing by North Coast Analytics Labs. 3Chi posts the results on their website so you know what you are putting in your body.

3Chi gummies also come in different packet sizes and a variety of flavors. You can get an eight-pack with a total of 200mg of delta-8 THC or a 16-pack with 400mg of delta-8. As far as flavors go, you can look forward to Black Raspberry, Watermelon, and others.


  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Excellent shipping policies
  • Unique flavors
  • Made with natural organic ingredients


  • Limited customer support options
  • No indication that 3Chi offers international shipping
  • Effects are not as long-lasting as with other brands

What Did Customers Say?

You can look all you want, but you likely will not find any negative reviews about these gummies. People praise the gummies for being of good value and effective. They also praise the flavor and taste. The gummies are surprisingly potent, offering great benefits with just half of a gummy. Those benefits include feeling happier, having reduced mental fog, and experiencing greater relaxation.

People praised the gummies for being so fast-acting. This did also lead to some criticism that the gummies do not last as long as other brands do. Your body processes them quicker, so the high is not as long.

In general, customers are satisfied with these gummies and consider them beneficial. They reported the gummies helped with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression relief.

Customer-Friendly Policies

  • Fast and reliable responses from customer support
  • Quick delivery within a few days
  • Ten-day return policy

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi for the Best Discount

Delta 8 Gumies: Buying Guide for Beginners

We have looked at some of the best gummies on the market; but, how do you choose which one is right for you? Here is what you should consider when choosing between different gummy products:

  • Quality

Quality is among the most important factors when choosing something to buy. We all look for high-quality products that deliver on our promises. Unfortunately, you can only truly know the quality of something by trying it yourself.

We recommend you look through editorials and reviews to get an idea of the quality of a delta-8 gummy. It is likely you will have a similar experience to other users, so see what other people think of the quality.

  • Ingredients

Do not forget to check the ingredients when choosing between gummies. Check for ingredients that you cannot have or would rather avoid, such as gluten and animal products. Avoid eating products that contain potentially harmful ingredients, such as allergens and additives. Vegans should check to see if a product contains gelatin, which comes from animal bones.

Thankfully, this is not much of an issue with delta-8 THC gummies. Most gummies are organic, vegan-friendly, and made with natural ingredients. Of course, there are some exceptions, so it helps to be sure.

Additionally, we recommend checking to see if the gummies have unnecessary cannabinoids in them. Avoid products with vitriolic cannabinoids and p-cymene terpene. These compounds suggest the product was made with low-quality ingredients or a poor distillation process. What you have in this case is a product that could cause health problems.

  • Lab Testing

Anyone can attach claims to a product. Some companies would rather show and tell and subject their gummies to outside testing. Some cheap products are untested and might even be dangerous. So, choose a brand that has its products tested and makes the results of those tests available.

  • Varieties

Gummies come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. This means there is something for everyone. Check for variety when choosing a brand. Find one with different flavors and concentrations to suit your needs. We recommend beginners start with a lower potency to see how they respond.

  • Price

Price is one of those universal considerations when buying anything, including delta-8 THC gummies. Delta-8 gummies are expensive because of how much work goes into growing high-quality hemp and extracting delta-8 THC. You want to be sure you get your money’s worth when buying gummies or other delta-8 THC products.

Do not trust any brand that offers cheap products. At the best, they are offering low-quality products that are not worth your time. At worst, they are selling regular fruit gummies and claiming they contain delta-8 THC when they do not.

  • Company Reputation

With all of these companies hoping to get your time, attention, and money, there is something to be said for the importance of brand reputation. It takes something special for a brand to stand out from the crowd. So, look for a brand with a solid reputation for selling high-quality products. Check reviews and testimonials to gauge general public opinion.

How to Stay Safe When Taking Delta 8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 THC gummies are edible products. As such, bear in mind it can take a few hours for the effects to kick in, as they have to be processed first. The effects come in pretty hard once they do hit though. That is why our first recommendation for staying safe is to start with a low dose. We also recommend you never eat more than the maximum stated dose, which is typically two gummies.

Eating half a gummy gives you an idea of how potent the gummy is and is a good benchmark for your natural tolerance to delta-8 THC. If you tolerate the initial half dose well, you can eat the full gummy the next time. Some people get everything they need from one gummy, but some prefer to eat two at once.

Do not forget delta-8 THC gummies affect your body and your mind. You should never operate heavy machinery when under the influence of THC, including delta-8 THC.

We also recommend you talk to your doctor before using the gummies as a way to treat medical conditions. Let your doctor know what gummies you want to use and get their thoughts on the matter. You should not use products that could interfere with the medications you already take. Delta-8 THC compounds can also interact with liver enzymes. Talk to your doctor to avoid liver problems when using delta-8 THC.

In terms of legality, delta-8 THC is legal in some states but not all. These products all contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, so they are federally legal, but they may not be legal on the state level. Be sure to check whether you can use them without getting into trouble. Even if delta-8 THC is legal where you live, you will still have to be over 21 years old to buy products made with it.

It is also worth noting the metabolites in delta-8 THC are similar to the ones found in delta-9 THC. This means using these products could cause you to fail a drug test. The metabolites have enough subtle differences for an experienced tester to know the difference, but most employers do not care about the little details that much.

Conclusion: Which Delta-8 Brand Has the Best THC Edibles?

We have gone into detail on five of the best delta-8 THC products from the most reputable delta-8 brands. Which one is right for you depends on your budget and what you want to get from the gummies. We can only make recommendations — the final decision rests with you. We would suggest you go for either Exhale Wellness or BudPop, as they are made from organically-sourced hemp, are potent, and of high quality.

Here are some final things to keep in mind about delta-8 THC products:

  1. Discuss your options with your doctor first, especially if you are on long-term medication.
  2. Check our buyer’s guide to find the right brand for you.
  3. Check to see if these products are legal where you live before buying them.
  4. These gummies could cause you to fail a drug test because of the similarities between delta-8 and delta-9 THC.

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