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Best Blood Sugar Pills – Compare Top Blood Sugar Supplements

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 34.2 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in 2018. That’s a whopping 10 percent of the population or 1 in 10 residents. Across the world, the number is much higher, with many remaining undiagnosed in and less developed third world countries.

Diabetes is a blood sugar imbalance issue. When people have this disease, it usually means that they have developed insulin resistance, and their bodies cannot efficiently convert sugar into fats.

This is why apart from insulin jabs or injections, many people with diabetes often resort to diabetes support supplements to complement their bodies’ lack of insulin. These blood sugar supplements are typically used with medications prescribed by doctors.

Diabetes support supplements help complement these medications and help keep the patient’s blood sugar levels regular. Some of these supplements work because they contain licorice extract, chromium, and cinnamon which are proven to help regulate blood sugar.

Unfortunately, because there’s a massive demand for the best diabetes support supplements, some unscrupulous individuals and entities have manufactured ineffective supplements and packaged them as blood sugar regulation solutions.

Many of these supplements not only make spurious claims, but they also have no proof that they work. This is why we have created this list of the best blood sugar support supplements. Every blood support supplement on this list has been tested for effectiveness. If you’re searching for the best diabetes support supplements, this article on the best diabetes support supplements and blood sugar pills in 2021 will help you make the right decisions.

Top Blood Sugar Supplements in 2021



Formulated by Dr. Thomas Sully, DiabaCore’s claim to fame is its ability to reverse type 2 diabetes altogether. Dr. Thomas Sully, who is self-described as “big pharma’s most hated man,” is a researcher and medical practitioner who claims that DiabaCore can help people with diabetes naturally lower their blood sugars by improving the body’s natural sugar regulation processes. The ultimate goal of taking DiabaCore is the eventual ditching of diabetes medications and reverse type 2 diabetes within weeks of taking the blood sugar supplement. On his website, Sully claims that patients who take DiabaCore once a day goes on to enjoy significant health benefits.

DiabaCore contains ingredients like Gymnema Sylvestre, banaba extract, and guggul, among others. Each bottle of DiabaCore is priced at $69 and includes 30 capsules, which is enough for a month’s supply.



Glucofort is meant to help regulate blood sugar levels by supporting your body’s glucose metabolism. The body is naturally designed to produce insulin in sufficient quantities when there’s a lot of sugar in the blood. People with diabetes, however, are unable to produce enough insulin to metabolize the glucose and convert it into fat.

This inability to convert and metabolize sugars often leads to high blood sugar levels that can cause significant damage to the victim’s organs. Glucofort claims that it can help with this process by supporting your body’s natural ability to mop up the excess glucose in the bloodstream.

Glucofort contains ingredients like guggul, cinnamon bark extract, licorice, chromium, and bitter lemon. According to the website, patients may need to take Glucofort for a few weeks or months. During that time, the supplement supposedly helps the patient’s body recover its natural sugar metabolizing capabilities, which means the patients may no longer require the supplement afterward.

Each bottle of Glucofort contains 30 capsules –one month’s supply- and is priced at $69.

1MD GlucoseMD


This diabetes support supplement contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to aid the regulation of blood sugars. 1MD GlucoseMD is different from most blood sugar supplements because of the unique ingredients therein.

One of these is CinSulin, a patented cinnamon extract that may be more effective than the regular cinnamon bark extracts found in other blood sugar supplements. It also includes ordinary blood sugar supporting ingredients like chromium, Gymnema Sylvestre, and berberine, which all work synergistically to improve blood sugar management.

1MD GlucoseMD may also help improve cardiovascular health, boost your body’s metabolism, and aid cellular function in the pancreas. Each bottle is priced at $69 and contains a 30-day supply.



This is unusual in the sense that it approaches diabetes treatment from a sleep standpoint. Unlike other diabetes support supplements you have to take during the day, this one is meant to be taken at night.

Its main goal is to work on blood sugar spikes at night while you’re asleep or resting. The blood sugar regulation supplement contains sleep aids that will help you get better sleep too. The ultimate goal is to give the body a fighting chance to heal and repair itself while you’re getting the rest you need.

Inadequate sleep interferes with effective blood sugar regulation. So taking it might help normalize your sleep while it goes to work on your pancreas. Each bottle of Gluconite is priced at $69 and contains a 30-day supply.

Altai Balance


This blood sugar support supplement is cheaper and has a considerable following. The manufacturers claim that the diabetes support supplement has helped over 190,000 users maintain healthy blood sugar levels, boost their metabolism, and lose weight. Altai Balance sure does seem like one of the most popular diabetes support supplements in the market.

It works by dealing with weight management and resetting blood sugar levels using the “U.S. Marine’s Pinch Method.” Most times, diabetes is brought on by excessive weight gain. So the supplement tackles the body’s weight gain, triggering weight loss in the process and helping the pancreas function more effectively.

This makes sense because weight loss is directly tied to effective blood sugar metabolism. People who are fit and in shape tend to use up more blood sugar than obese. Each bottle is priced at $49

Sugar Balance by PureHealth Research


This supplement is designed to counteract the effects of high blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes. It claims to do this using well-known ingredients. Most diabetes support supplements only state that they can help regulate blood sugar.

Sugar Balance’s claim to quickly reverse type 2 diabetes seems like a tall order. You’d think that a supplement like this would be popular. However, the manufacturers have a reason for their lack of popularity. They claim that mainstream media have barred them because the supplement works.

The supplement’s maker’s state that using Sugar Balance every day helps your body target the root causes of your diabetes, thus reversing the condition permanently and getting rid of the pinpricks associated with nerve damage in diabetes patients. The manufacturers also state that you can even stop taking medically prescribed diabetes medications once you’re on Sugar Balance.

We don’t recommend that until there’s actual proof that it works as described. So, if you must, take this in addition to your drugs until your doctor permits you to stop taking conventional diabetes medicines. Each bottle costs $69.

Blood Sugar Blaster


Pretty dramatic name for a supplement, this is a glucose support supplement from Vitality Nutrition. Formulated by Dr. Matt Carter, an endocrinologist with 25+ years of experience treating people with diabetes, Blood Sugar Blaster can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increase energy levels, boost metabolism, improve sleep and enhance insulin sensitivity. This way, your body can then burn sugar and better regulate your blood sugar.

Carter recommends this to individuals with type 2 diabetes seeking an effective way to manage blood sugars better. Some of the ingredients found in this diabetes support supplement include alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), vanadium, chromium, banaba leaf, and cinnamon bark powder. Each bottle cost $69.



People living with diabetes often live or die by their blood sugar levels. Extremely high blood sugar can lead to coma and, eventually, death. This is why it is imperative to keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Mellitox offers one such advantage. Promoted as a diabetes reversal supplement, weight loss aid, and blood sugar support supplement, the manufacturers state that their blood sugar regulation supplement is excellent at restoring blood sugar levels to normal.

A testimonial on their website states that a woman who had highly elevated blood sugar levels of 498 could reduce it to 117 –that’s pretty normal—by taking Mellitox. Even better, she was able to lose significant weight from taking the supplement.

The ingredients used in making Mellitox are from a remote village in Vietnam where there’s zero recorded case of diabetes, despite their high carb diets –mostly rice. The villagers attributed their good health and lack of diabetes to taking the herbal extracts used in Mellitox to keep their blood sugar levels regularly. Each bottle of Mellitox costs $69 and can be taken for a month.



As a popular blood sugar control supplement, many people with diabetes routinely use Ceracare diabetes support supplements as part of their treatment protocol.

It supposedly works by activating the latent bio-mechanism that aids blood sugar regulation. One capsule of Ceracare a day is enough to release enough antioxidants into your bloodstream that will fight the free radicals in your body.

These free radicals are known to contribute to and indirectly influence elevated blood sugars in the body. Apart from regulating blood sugar, the manufacturers also claim that Ceracare supports vitality, improves energy, and promotes the overall improvement of your well-being. Each bottle of Ceracare costs $69.

BP Zone


Formulated and manufactured by Zenith Labs, BP Zone helps aid better blood pressure. While BP Zone doesn’t directly target elevated blood sugars, this blood pressure support supplement is designed to help lower high blood pressures.

This is important because people who are pre-diabetic or diabetic tend to have high blood pressure as an added side effect. The manufacturing company Zenith Labs is a reputable and well-known supplement company that has a medical advisory board.

So unlike many supplement makers that have no medical experts on their team, when you take any supplement made by zenith labs, you’re taking a supplement that’s been clinically tested, medically scrutinized, and produced to the best possible standards.

You want to control your blood pressure because it opens the doors for other metabolic syndrome-related conditions such as heart disease and stroke. BP Zone was formulated by Dr. Ryan Shelton and included a critical ingredient that’s meant to increase the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Other components include arjuna and Hawthorne extracts.

Nitric oxide is an effective vasodilator –dilates blood vessels so blood can flow very quickly- and will help improve your circulatory health. If you’re looking for an adequate blood pressure support supplement to complement your diabetes support supplement, you should check out BP Zone. BP Zone costs $59 per bottle.

Blood Sugar Premier


Zenith Labs’ blood sugar support supplement is designed to help users maintain healthy blood sugar levels and live disease-free lives. Blood Sugar Premier is made from natural ingredients like piperine, curcumin, and berberine and is based on Chinese medicines.

While other diabetes support supplements on this list claim lower blood sugar levels, Blood Sugar Premier doesn’t. It is more of a maintenance supplement that keeps your blood sugar levels within a reasonable range. If you have been treating diabetes and looking for ways to keep your blood sugars regular, then you should give Zenith Labs’ Blood Sugar Premier a chance.

It is priced at just $49 per bottle.

GlucoShield Pro


GlucoShield Pro is formulated for people with diabetes who want to enjoy lower blood sugar levels and regulate their blood sugars. This blood sugar support supplement is formulated by Gregory Johnson, containing ingredients such as lemon balm, Hawthorne extracts, valerian, chamomile, Rhodiola Rosea, L-theanine, Bacopa monnieri, and skullcap.

This supplement stands out because the owners claim that they sell the supplement at cost. Therefore, they’re not making any profits. This implies that they produced it solely for the health and benefit of the users.

While this claim is hard to verify, given that we don’t have access to their books, we like the idea of a supplement maker that’s just dedicated to helping people live healthier diabetes-free lives instead of profit-making. If this appeals to you as it did us, try out GlucoShield Pro today at $69 per bottle.

Frontline Diabetes


While taking blood sugar pills and supplements can help control or regulate blood sugar levels, this treatment approach mainly helps patients manage their diabetes.

However, there’s a better way to lower elevated blood sugar levels and possibly reverse type 2 diabetes. You’ll require a combination of new lifestyle habits, taking the right supplements and medications, as well as consistently monitoring certain activities.

Frontline Diabetes offers this option by providing people with diabetes with possibilities. According to the website, people who adhere to Frontline Diabetes’ treatment plans can lower their blood sugars, better manage their diabetes, catch diabetes early on in the pre-diabetes stage, prevent nerve damages commonly associated with diabetes and eventually ditch common drugs.

This program comes with seven different eBooks targeting specific areas of diabetes and containing lessons that will help you beat diabetes. Frontline Diabetes only costs $27, and we think this price is a steal for the life-transforming benefits you’ll gain from it.



While this diabetes support supplement is new to the market, it holds significant promise. Formulated by Jonathan Garner, an endocrinologist, the supplement is designed to help regulate blood sugar. Made from natural ingredients, GlucoFlow reportedly has powerful, clinically proven ingredients that can help improve your blood sugar situation.

Garner claims that some of the ingredients used in the supplement are unique and uncommon. This is what gives the blood sugar supplement its fantastic edge and may be the reason it’s effective at curbing other diabetes-related symptoms.

Patients are required to take one capsule daily to enjoy the benefits of GlucoFlow. Garner also claims that the supplement was manufactured for the sole purpose of helping people with diabetes. Therefore, it is being sold at cost, so there’s no profit from the venture. Each bottle covers a 1-month supply and costs $69.



Glucafix is promoted as a weight loss aid with the added benefit of controlling or regulating blood sugars. Obesity and excessive weight gain are often tied to insulin resistance –a key indicator of diabetes.

According to the manufacturers, the daily consumption of Glucafix supposedly tricks the body into burning fat for 20 hours a day. This is possible because of ancient Japanese ingredients that are well-known for aiding weight loss. These ingredients work by triggering the production of certain hormones in the body.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate information about these ingredients, even if they claim that the ingredients were tested and measured in dosages that are considered safe. Glucafix is available for purchase at the price of $67 per bottle.



Unlike most of the supplements on this list, StrictionD claims to reduce blood sugar and lower harmful cholesterol levels in the blood. The others claim to support blood sugar levels or aid its regulation.

StrictionD claims that because it can reduce blood sugar levels, it can also improve your insulin sensitivity, which means that it can help your pancreas recover its ability to digest sugars and regulate blood sugars.

The supplement contains common diabetes support ingredients such as banaba leaf extracts, chromium, and cinnamon extracts. StrictionD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for every bottle. Each bottle costs $66.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Blood Sugar Support Supplements

Most blood sugar support supplements don’t work as advertised. This is because they do not contain the most potent ingredients in the right quantities. The best blood sugar support supplements have the right ingredients formulated in the proper concentrations.

Then, those supplements contain ingredients that either hasn’t been approved by the FDA or lack scientific backing. We chose the supplements on this list because they contain ingredients proven to help with blood sugar regulation. Our criteria included:

Proven Ingredients

Research has shown that some plants and compounds can support blood sugar when taken in the right quantities daily. We looked out for these known compounds and plants and ensured that the necessary natural ingredients were available in the diabetes support supplements we listed.

Optimized Ingredient Dosages

Sometimes, these blood sugar support supplements contain ingredients present in inefficient quantities. Some supplement manufacturers do not disclose their ingredients, while others include ingredients in less optimal amounts. The blood sugar support supplement brands we like are those with solid dosages of the right ingredients disclosed right there on the label.

Preferably Formulated by Healthcare Professionals

A supplement should be formulated and created by experienced medical professionals. It’s even better if the blood sugar supplement is developed by an endocrinologist –a specialist in diabetes treatment. This way, you can be sure that the supplement is clinically standard.

Supplement Cost

Conventional diabetes medications such as insulin as well as other blood sugar support supplements are often pricey. The diabetes support supplements we chose were based on relative affordability.

It would help if you didn’t have to lose your shirt to afford medications. The supplements and treatment programs we chose are priced between $27 and $69. These supplements are enough for a month’s supply.

Marketing and Advertising Gimmicks

We mainly avoided supplements with a lot of marketing hype. Most reputable blood sugar support supplements do not claim to reverse type 2 diabetes or reduce your blood sugar levels in a short time.

Supplement manufacturers who make such claims are in breach of FDA regulations and can be sanctioned or penalized. According to FDA regulations, blood sugar support supplements can only have the blood sugar support description. Nothing more. How fast these supplements work depends on factors like dosage, ingredients, formulation, and so on.

Manufacturing Facilities and Reputation

All supplements should be manufactured in an FDA-approved GMP-certified facility. These facilities are typically designed to adhere to the rules set up by the FDA and must comply with quality control standards mandated by the relevant agencies.

This is important because some blood sugar supplements are manufactured under poor conditions and in non-standardized manufacturing facilities. The supplements must also be produced by appropriately qualified individuals who work in these facilities.

Can Anyone Take Blood Sugar Supplements?

That depends on your current state of health. Blood sugar support supplements are best taken by individuals who are either pre-diabetic or those who have been diagnosed as diabetics. This way, it can help contribute to getting their blood sugar levels back to normal. They serve as an excellent complement to doctor-prescribed treatment plans and options.

However, people who want to be proactive about their blood sugar levels and lower their chances of being diabetic can take these supplements too. Most reputable health supplements are known for their heart-healthy and overall wellness properties.

These supplements can also contribute to your weight loss goals by providing a feeling of satiety and fullness. This will help you eat less and burn more fat. If you’re desirous of being in excellent health, then you should try out blood sugar supplements, particularly those with ingredients proven to promote weight loss.

What are the Top Ingredients in Blood Sugar Support Supplements?

You may have noticed that some of the blood sugar support supplements in this article had similar ingredients. That’s because research has shown these ingredients to be super-effective at helping people with diabetes get their blood sugars under control. If you want to buy blood sugar support supplements, look for those with some or all of the following ingredients:


This compound is found in lower amounts in people with diabetes than in non-diabetics. Most blood sugar support supplements contain chromium because it plays a vital role in improving insulin sensitivity. This study showed that people who take between 200 and 1000mcg of chromium in supplements tend to enjoy better cardiovascular health. This is because it is known to help lower the risk of heart-related diseases and metabolic syndrome conditions, including diabetes.


This antioxidant can help in the regulation of sugar levels in the blood. A recent study showed that it aided blood sugar control in diabetic rats and lowered their cholesterol levels. The presence of Guggul in your blood sugar supplement contributes to improved health and wellness.

Banaba leaf extracts

Many diabetes support supplements tend to contain their proven effectiveness at lowering blood sugar levels by at least 10 percent over 14 days. Interestingly, it appears to be even more effective when used alongside insulin (this is why we recommend that you continue with your doctor-prescribed medications even when you’re taking this).


While L-taurine doesn’t directly affect blood sugar levels, its function at the cellular level –usually in increased glucose metabolism- can improve overall blood sugar.

Other popular ingredients found in blood sugar support supplements include biotin, which helps with blood sugar control, bitter melon, hypoglycemic properties; cinnamon bark, licorice extract known for its diabetes-fighting properties alpha-lipoic acid.

When used in correct amounts, these blood sugar support supplement ingredients can drastically improve your well-being and help people with diabetes successfully fight this condition.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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