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Anti Tar Reviews: Does AntiTar Cigarette Filter Work or Scam

Anti Tar is a cigarette filter that claims to filter tar and improve airflow for cigarettes.

Using the cigarette filter, you can purportedly protect your lungs from tar, reduce coughing, and relieve sore throats associated with cigarette smoke, among other perks.


Does Anti Tar filter really work? Can you use Anti Tar to negate the bad effects of smoking? How does Anti Tar work? Find out everything you need to know about this smoking aid today in our review.

What is Anti Tar?

Anti Tar is a cigarette filtration system that claims to give you all of the benefits of smoking but fewer downsides.

The filter is marketed to people who enjoy smoking but dislike smoking’s negative side effects like coughing and restricted breathing.

Anti Tar consists of an AT470 triple filtration system (an upgrade on the company’s less powerful AT300 filtration system).

The AT470 filtration system uses three layers to filter cigarette smoke before it enters your lungs. The three layers include cotton, a microporous filter, and nanobeads. The filters remove negative particles including tar from cigarette smoke, allowing you to enjoy smoking but with fewer negative effects.

Anti Tar is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at around $25 for a starter kit. All purchases are backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Does Anti Tar Work?

Anti Tar is a filtration system that you place on the mouthpiece of a cigarette or cigar.

You attach Anti Tar to a cigarette, light the cigarette, then breathe through the Anti Tar filter. Cigarette smoke travels through the filter to your mouth, and the filter cleanses the smoke along the way.

Instead of breathing in tar, you breathe in cleaner smoke. Anti Tar doesn’t claim to remove all tar from the cigarette totally, nor does it claim to reduce your risk of cancer or other negative effects. Instead, it simply filters tar and other contaminants from your cigarette, allowing for smoother and cleaner airflow while smoking.


Of course, cigarettes already have a built-in filter. Why do you need a second filter?

As Anti Tar’s makers explain, there are several benefits to using an additional filter while smoking. You can filter the tar without altering the taste.

Anti Tar is also marketed to people who are trying to quit smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking, then you may still want to enjoy an occasional cigarette. Anti Tar lets you enjoy a cigarette with fewer harmful effects on your body.


Each Anti Tar filter lasts for about 5 to 6 cigarettes. You’ll notice Anti Tar fills up with brown tar and other contaminants as you use the filter. Eventually, the filter is filled with these compounds, and you should stop using them.

How Do Anti Tar’s Filters Work?

Anti Tar has an AT470 triple filtration system that claims to offer maximum tar filtration while maintaining smooth airflow.

Cigarette smoke passes through the three levels of filtration. When you breathe in through the end of the filter, you get smoother, cleaner smoke with significantly lower tar levels.

The three levels of filtration include:

  • High Fiber Cotton: The cotton filter blocks fine particles in your cigarette smoke.
  • Microporous Filter: This microporous filter claims to filter smaller particles from your cigarette smoke – including tobacco tar particles.
  • Nano Beads: The nanobeads absorb harmful substances from your cigarette smoke, including toxic compounds that have become liquefied.

There are no chemicals within the filter. There are just three levels of filtration. The filters themselves are made from polyethylene (PE) plastic, polystyrene (PS) plastic, and food-grade silica gel.

What Does Anti Tar Do?

Anti Tar was designed with two goals: to filter tar from cigarette smoke and to optimize airflow. If you want a smoother cigarette smoking experience with significantly less tar, then Anti Tar may be the right choice for you.

Here’s how the company explains each feature:

Tar Filtering:

The primary goal of Anti Tar is to filter tar from cigarette smoke. The company claims they wanted “to improve our customer’s health concerns” while also encouraging them to quit smoking. If you frequently cough while smoking, or if you notice phlegm build up after smoking, then Anti Tar may be able to help. The company claims you should notice Anti Tar’s tar filtering effects within about five days of using Anti Tar for the first time.

Air Flow:

Anti Tar also has a secondary benefit: it optimizes airflow, making smoking a more pleasurable experience. Although the device is marketed to quit smoking, it also makes smoking more pleasurable by optimizing airflow, which would make it harder to quit smoking.

How much tar does Anti Tar remove?

The makers of Anti Tar claim their device removes 90% of tar from the cigarettes you smoke. However, they also claim it depends on how hard you draw and the type of cigarette you smoke. However, they claim to have tested Anti Tar on other filtration brands and found it captured more tar than its competitor.

The makers of Anti Tar claim their filter is a “third-generation” system. Cigarettes have a first-generation filtration system. Competitors made a second-generation filtration system. And now, Anti Tar offers a third-generation filtration system.

Anti Tar works on all three standard cigarette sizes, including Regular, Slim, and Super Slim. All purchases come with a slim / super slim converter.

Who Should Use Anti Tar?

Anti Tar seems to market itself to three main groups of people, including:

  • People who want to smoke while limiting negative health effects
  • People who are trying to quit smoking but still want to enjoy the occasional cigarette
  • People who enjoy smoking and want to enjoy a healthier, cleaner, smoother smoking experience

The Anti Tar website has several unusual phrases, making it difficult to determine who the filter is for. It’s unclear if the device wants to help you quit smoking, for example, or if it wants to make smoking more enjoyable. Here’s one awkward paragraph on the sales page:

“…as much as we want you to achieve the pleasure of quit smoking, it all depends on your personal preferences & habits. While many of our customers are fine puffing with filters, certain people may not used to it. Rest assured that your money is well spent for better health quality.”

Does Anti Tar make cigarettes healthier? Does it help you quit smoking? Does it make smoking more enjoyable, thus making it harder to quit? How does Anti Tar increase the urge to quit? These are all good questions. However, Anti Tar seems to market itself to anyone who smokes.

Anti Tar Features & Benefits

The Anti Tar website mentions all of the following features and benefits:

  • Helps Quit Smoking: Anti Tar claims to be the perfect complement for gradually quitting smoking. If you want to enjoy one cigarette per day, for example, then you might as well make it a healthier cigarette using the Anti Tar filter.
  • Maximum Tar Filtration While Maintaining Same Taste: Anti Tar uses a triple filtration system to remove 90% of tar and other addictive toxins inside cigarette smoke. The filtration system reduces the negative effects of cigarette smoking while still giving you the same taste.
  • Protects Lungs from Dangerous Tar: Anti Tar claims to protect your lungs from dangerous tar. Tar builds up in your lungs over time, leading to lung diseases like cancer.
  • Reduces Coughing and Shortness of Breath: Much regular smoking have breathing issues. Anti Tar claims to reduce coughing and shortness of breath.
  • Smoother Suction and Easier Inhale: Anti Tar claims to make cigarette smoke easier to handle, leading to smoother suction and better airflow.


Anti Tar Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

The Anti Tar sales page is filled with testimonials from customers who have experienced significant benefits after using Anti Tar for a brief period.

Here are some of the advertised benefits of Anti Tar, according to the sales page:

  • Same cigarette taste without the harshness
  • Better sleep and energy
  • Better breathing and less coughing
  • It saves tar from entering your lungs.
  • Reduces smoker’s cough within the first week, with more benefits the longer you use them

One customer claims his coughing completely stopped after using Anti Tar. That man had tried to quit smoking but was unsuccessful, and he was looking for a healthier way to enjoy the occasional cigarette.

Most customers agree that they’re shocked at how much tar is in an ordinary cigarette. Some claim the filter fills up after just 2 to 3 cigarettes, and it’s no longer usable after that. You can watch the filter physically remove tar from the cigarette smoke. Without a filter, that tar would enter your lungs.

However, Anti Tar does not claim to protect you from lung cancer or other diseases caused by tar. The company claims you’ll still inhale a certain amount of tar while using Anti Tar, and they don’t advertise Anti Tar as a preventative measure for lung cancer.

Anti Tar Pricing

Anti Tar is available in four package options.


You can only buy Anti Tar through the official website, where pricing breaks down like this:

  • 1 Box (50 Filters, 5 x Slim Size Converters): $27 + $4.95 Shipping
  • Bundle 2 (100 filters, 1 x Carrying Case, and 10 x Slim Size Converters): $50 + Free US Shipping
  • Bundle 4 (200 Filters, 2 x Carrying Case, and 20 x Slim Size Converters): $90 + Free US Shipping
  • Bundle 6 (300 Filters, 3 x Carrying Case, and 30 x Slim Size Converters): $120 + Free US and International Shipping

Each box comes with 50 filters, and 1 filter works on 5 to 6 cigarettes. Some people use Anti Tar on a single cigarette before disposing of it. At around $0.19 per filter, it’s a small added cost associated with significant benefits.

The carrying case carries 3 filters. It fits inside a pocket. If you’re out with friends and want to enjoy cleaner smoke, then you can bring your carrying case with you.

Anti Tar Refund Policy

Anti Tar comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on Anti Tar within 60 days of your purchase. Your refund includes original shipping costs: it’s a complete cash refund.

Who Created Anti Tar?

A Singapore-based company makes Anti Tar. That company was founded by an entrepreneur from Indonesia who watched a family member struggle with cigarette-induced lung disease.

The company partnered with the eCommerce platform Digistore to sell Anti Tar online. Digistore is a German eCommerce platform known for supplements, electronics, and other consumer products.

You can contact the makers of Anti Tar via the following:

  • Email Form:
  • Phone: 1-833-667-8587
  • Address (Headquarters): 9 Boon Keng Road, #36-158, Singapore 330009
  • Address (USA Warehouse): 3100 Technology Drive Suite 200, Plano, TX 75074, USA
  • Address (Indonesia Warehouse): Jl. Komodor Halim Perdana Kusuma No.28, RT.1/RW.9, Halim Perdana Kusumah, Jakarta Timur 13610 Indonesia

The founder of Anti Tar claims he was personally motivated to create a cigarette filtration system after watching his family struggle with the disease.

Anti Tar Final Word

Anti Tar is a cigarette filter that claims to remove a significant amount of tar from the cigarettes you smoke. The device also claims to improve airflow without changing the taste of the cigarette.

Cigarette filters are not new. However, Anti Tar claims to be a third-generation filter, offering improved filtration and fewer downsides than competitors.

Anti Tar is available at a reasonable rate and backed by a 60-day refund policy. If you try the cigarette filters and don’t like how they work, you can return them for a complete refund.

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