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Amy Myers MD Collagen Protein Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Collagen Protein by Amy Myers MD contains 12 grams of pure, pharmaceutical-grade Collagen supplement that specifically supports women over age 30. According to their official product website, it may help women concerned about premature aging. The formula can promote smoother skin, reduce damage in the GI tract, and ease pressure on the joints.

What is Collagen Protein by Amy Myers, MD?

Women seem to be in a constant state of change for their bodies. Their hormones set off a chain of events in puberty that will take them into womanhood, wreaking havoc on their complexion. When they reach their 20s, these hormones stabilize, but having children and suddenly being thrust into a world of freedom seems to cause more fluctuation. As a result of poor skin protection, stress, and many other factors, the skin can start to wrinkle as early as age 30, but Collagen Protein by Amy Myers MD aims to be a solution.

Collagen Protein supplies the body with the nourishment that it loses over time. Collagen is a crucial compound in the body, supporting the cartilage between joints and keeping skin plump and youthful. However, without collagen, the skin loses that fullness, allowing wrinkles to appear. Joints become exceedingly sore and inflamed, leading to less mobility and less physical activity. The effects continue, and the only way to stop the cycle is to replenish the body with the collagen it has lost.

The use of collagen isn’t just about looks or even mobility; the creators of Collagen Protein have amplified the benefits of collagen in the digestive system. By age 30, there are often few foods here and there that women find difficult to digest, but the inclusion of collagen proteins can make a difference. More specifically, Collagen Protein will:

  • Promote improvements in skin elasticity
  • Reduce discoloration and wrinkles
  • Improve the health of the joints and bones
  • Support a healthier gut
  • Enhance digestion for a better appetite
  • Improve metabolism

While there are always Botox injections and even facelifts that can make skin smoother, the changes obtained with Collagen Protein are much safer and more natural. There’s no healing time, and users can enjoy the benefits slowly and steadily.

The body is already designed to decline in the amount of collagen that it produces naturally. However, most people don’t consume meat that have enough collagen to counteract the lost supply. The concentrated amount in Collagen Protein by Amy Myers MD can make a big difference.

Collagen Protein is slated to be kosher, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, GMP compliant, non-dairy, and gluten-free.

Who is Dr. Amy Myers?

Dr. Amy Myers is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned Functional Medicine physician. She states, “After completing my residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland, I worked at Dell Children’s Hospital and Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas… And by the time I retired from clinical practice and opened up my state-of-the-art Functional Medicine clinic, I saw countless desperate patients every year.”

Many women struggle with problems they all assume are just part of aging, such as;

  • Painful, aching joints
  • Sagging, wrinkling skin
  • Brittle dry and thinning hair
  • Fingernails that chip and break

Purchasing Collagen Protein by Amy Myers MD

Available in a presentation of 38-servings, this grass-fed source of Collagen Protein can be purchased from the official website only. The website currently offers the following packages:

If the user isn’t happy with the changes in their body with the Collagen Protein supplement, they can get a full refund within 30 days of their original order. For assistance with an order or to answer any other questions, contact the customer service team by calling 512-721-0424 on weekdays 8 am – 5 pm CST.

About the Free Gift

To show gratitude for the investment, Dr. Myers offers The Myers® Way Gut Repairing Collagen Recipes eBook as a gift. This guide provides users with 20 different recipes that they can use to continue improving collagen production. Furthermore, these recipes are meant to help the gut to function to avoid digestive upset properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Collagen Protein

How long will users have to wait for their Collagen Protein shipment?

  • Most orders only take a day or two to process, and the shipping is free.

How will users receive their gifts?

  • Available as an eBook (i.e., electronic book), it is delivered to the user with a link at the bottom of the emailed receipt of their purchase.

How should users take Collagen Protein?

  • The supplement’s power can be used in the morning or the evening, or anytime in between. Users can blend one or two scoops in a glass of water if they want the basic benefits. However, it is also safe to mix until smoothie or any other drink for the nutritional value. It doesn’t need to be taken with any other meals to consume it at any part of the day; it is most convenient.

Can this type of supplement be taken by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding newborns?

  • If mothers or expectant mothers want to add the supplement to their diet, they should first speak with their obstetrician-gynecologist to ensure, but it is safe for their purpose.

Bottom Line

Collagen Protein offers a beneficial way to improve the skin, the gut, and many other body issues. Though it does not necessarily increase muscle mass like other protein supplements, regulating the digestive system with collagen protein can positively impact the user’s weight. With only one serving needed each day, users can add it to their morning smoothie, consume it as a snack, or finish their day with it before they go to sleep. The dosing schedule is rather lenient, convenient for individuals who may not know what their day will bring from one to the next.

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