5 Best Research Paper Writing Services Worth Your Trust

Finding a trustworthy research paper writing service these days is like finding water in the desert, – it takes time and an effort to locate those offerings that will make you feel satisfied. It’s exactly the same with academic help services because you have to test them first and hope for the best. Keeping all of these apprehensions in mind, we asked our trained experts to assist us in this review as we picked the five best research paper writing services that are not only of high quality but also ones that operate legally. We have tested various research paper writers to determine how well they cope with different academic assignments, timely delivery, and the similarity rate. After all, if research is plagiarism-free and delivered on time, it’s the core of academic success!

Before we proceed, we should remind you that the majority of college and university students in the United States seek reputable research paper services. They are not able to meet tight deadlines or need assistance during the off hours when they cannot get help in any other way. Approaching a research paper writer who can help with things like topic selection or improvement of the weak thesis statement becomes a saving grace for thousands of learners.

Top 5 Best Research Paper Writing Services You Can Trust



  • Company’s Background We Could Find: The first mention of this famous service dates back to 2014, which is quite a timeline for the company that still holds it’s positions as one of the premier solutions for college students. They have a positive media profile and represents one of the safe havens for those who are feeling challenged by their college papers. Of course, you may request basically anything from a coursework to an essay for school debates.
  • Can We Trust Them: Getting research paper writing help from EduBirdie, you can feel safe about your finances and the guarantees. There are free revisions, a refunds system that works, and the writers you can choose among individuals with verified academic credentials. They double-check your paper in terms of plagiarism upon completion and you can ask them for the similarity report if you wish so.
  • Testing The Paper Quality: Our reference paper included a study in the international legislation for airlines and a nursing reflection journal. Testing two different writers, we could see that it is possible to choose their Top 50 (Gold) and Top 20 Writers (Platinum). Our aviation task has been done by the Top 50 writer who has coped with her job flawlessly. The nursing paper has been completed by another person who did well too. We could not spot any grammar or style mistakes. The paper has been delivered on time.
  • How Much Do We Pay: Placing our write my research papers request, we could see that the prices start at $13.99 per page unless you have an urgent deadline. There is a bidding system and the prices can become affordable if you choose to wait.
  • Checking Online Reviews: They have 4.7/5 stars based on numerous online reviews. Their customers praise them for their term paper writing service and the complete range of essay types and academic subjects. And, indeed, we could request anything from the lab report to a personal statement writing. They have a lot of mentions in the Internet. For example, big article with EduBirdie review from website that has a lot of research paper services reviews.
  • Customer Support Quality: They have a friendly customer support that can help you with anything from the best payment methods to assistance in choosing the best writer or getting the best bids. They are available immediately.
  • Final Verdict: They let you choose your writer, so you can ask questions before you start a cooperation. There are free revisions and a refunds system that works. Many positive reviews make them a safe choice!

Same Day Papers


  • Company’s Background We Could Find: They have been around since 2017. You might have heard about this service if you are in the United Kingdom or belong to the Aussie friends. They have one of the best native English speakers in the market as they have a special team that helps the ESL students. We already knew about their grammar quality and were surprised to find them again. They are a reputable company that offers legit services and provide helpful free tools.
  • Can We Trust Them: They are one of the safest choices as they have professional research paper writers that will guide you through with any challenge that you might have. As we placed our assignment order, the customer support has helped us to find the best writer and has been available all through the different stages. They have free revisions and several free tools to check your paper for plagiarism or to improve your grammar. It’s the only service that offers free tools!
  • Testing The Paper Quality: We have chosen the field of Law to evaluate the writing quality. The final assignment that we have received was done in APA format and contained reliable sources. They also offer high quality editing and proofreading. The paper had no grammar mistakes and needed zero revision. In terms of plagiarism, they are very good as well!
  • How Much Do We Pay: The prices start at $12.99 per page, which is affordable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We have tried their editing service and the quality has exceeded our wildest expectations. The prices start at $5.5 per page, which is one of the best offers online.
  • Checking Online Reviews: Looking at reviews of research paper writing service options, this company has a good standing. There are over twenty pages of testimonials that you can check with the overal rating being 4.38/5. They are quite good and always reply to the comments by trying their best to resolve the issues.
  • Customer Support Quality: They have great support agents in the United States, in the UK, and in Australia. We spoke to their Australian department and were surprised to see that it’s also possible to request Australian English assignment in case of such a need.
  • Final Verdict: They offer professional quality and you can approach them not only for research paper writing as they have great term paper writing services. They can also offer help with English grammar and provide immediate response when you have a complex order.

Study Clerk


  • Company’s Background We Could Find: This service is available since 2018 and belongs to one of the top businesses for essay writing online. This company has provided us with all the necessary information and easily proved their legal nature. They offer help with dissertations, editing, proofreading, college essay writing, complex paper work, speeches, and presentations.
  • Can We Trust Them: This professional research paper writing service is very strict about plagiarism and the payment methods. They care for your safety and will never use your information anywhere. The people behind StudyClerk ask you to pay only when you are happy with their writing, which keeps you totally safe. There are free revisions and refunds as well.
  • Testing The Paper Quality: The order placement system is very good and you will cope with the task easily even if you are placing an online order for the first time. We have tried them for Sociology analysis paper with over 10 references. The writer has coped well and we are truly grateful for the attitude and genuine care. The paper has been checked via plagiarism detection tool and had an accurate formatting. It is easily one of the best research paper writing service that is legit. You can use them and won’t regret. They will always deliver your paper on time.
  • How Much Do We Pay: The prices here start at $13.99 per page. The prices depend on the deadline, writer’s level, and the paper’s type. If you have any concerns, their customer support will help you right away.
  • Checking Online Reviews: They have several reviews online and we like the fact that this company does not delete negative reviews and always replies to the critique. The clients claim that they have one of the best research paper writers that talk to you and care to provide a paper that can earn the highest grade.
  • Customer Support Quality: Their customer support is second to none as they are truly friendly and will not ignore you when something goes wrong. They will help you with anything and reply right away.
  • Final Verdict: If you want to deal with a friendly service, you won’t be disappointed. The writers show genuine care and there are many essay types and subjects from this legit service.

A Research Guide


  • Company’s Background We Could Find: We were surprised to find out that this writing paper service has been available for over ten years. What makes this different is their attitude and the primary objective. They are not a typical essay writing service. They are an archive for all things research paper. There are numerous free blog articles, templates, and the writing tips that can be accessed free of charge. Now, if you need academic assistance, you will be rewarded with reliable research paper writer services based on various subjects. They have earned many awards from universities and educators, which also speaks in favor of their safety.
  • Can We Trust Them: If there is a company you can trust without fear, it is this one as they provide you with professional consulting services as you are dealing with a research paper. Their customer support is not simply a team of outsource specialists but the team of skilled employees who know how to write a research paper and find the best specialist based on your needs.
  • Testing The Paper Quality: We have tested this company with a complex Anthropology paper. The writer has coped with no issues and the paper has been delivered 40 minutes before our final deadline. It has allowed us to check things twice and ask for a free revision just to see if it works. It does function well and we have had no issues here. Among all the research paper writing companies that we have reviewed, this company stands out and represents a quality benchmark in the field of quality writing. They are a credible company to be trusted!
  • How Much Do We Pay: The prices start at $14.99 and may get a bit higher than the competitors. Still, as you think about the free materials that they offer, there is nothing to complain about!
  • Checking Online Reviews: Unfortunately, we could not find them at Trustpilot or Sitejabber, yet it can be easily explained by how they position themselves. It is a company that focuses on research writing standards and innovations as the people that mention them are educators and course content creators. All in all, they have a positive reputation.
  • Customer Support Quality: Their customer support is very good as they represent one of the best research paper writing services in USA. They are experienced and patient as they address your issues.
  • Final Verdict: If you have a complex research paper, it is one of the best choices to consider. They may be a tad expensive, yet what they offer speaks of quality. The timely delivery, skilled writers, and an experienced customer support make them a worthy company to be trusted.

Essay Vikings


  • Company’s Background We Could Find: We are not certain for how long this company has been around, yet they are quite popular among college students and high school learners. The answer to this riddle is quite simple: they are a cheap research paper service that does not compromise the final quality. It is a great service with a friendly environment. We liked how this service tends to reply to every comment and keeps things open. They are a legit service with a clear user policy.
  • Can We Trust Them: You can trust them as they will be there for you no matter what and will provide you with free revisions, all the types of contacts, safe payment methods, plagiarism reports, and more. They are a company to consider if your funds are tight.
  • Testing The Paper Quality: We have evaluated them with a journalism research on domestic violence in Seattle area. The writer has provided a great analysis of statistical data. We have been truly impressed as the paper remained original and was delivered on time. All the sources have been documented according to the style. It shows that they are a professional paper writing service that keeps things affordable while delivering high standards. We have requested a plagiarism report and the company has provided it right away.
  • How Much Do We Pay: They provide academic writing help at only $9.99 per page. Of course, your price will rise if you have an urgent deadline. Some reviews had luck getting papers in as little as three hours for basic editing and checking.
  • Checking Online Reviews: The Trustpilot has given them 4 stars based on the reviews, while SItejabber has given them full 5 stars. It is a good indication of their quality. This online research paper writing service does not delete their negeative reviews and they always reply to the comments. The customers talk about affordability and the timely delivery.
  • Customer Support Quality: They have a phone number that you can use, an online form that can be field, email address, and the online chat. Their customer service is available 24/7 and they respond immediately.
  • Final Verdict: It’s one of the most affordable legit services on our list. We have been impressed with the quality at this price level. The writers have been accurate and the support team is nice and friendly. If you are using online help for the first time, don’t ignore this option.

If you are unsure what to choose, consider checking more than one company as it will help you evaluate things and find a writer who will understand you well. Make sure to prepare your data in advance so you do not waste your time and don’t forget to upload your grading rubric as you place an order. It will help you to assist your writer to complete the best paper.


What are the best sites to find research paper writing services reviews?

The most famous review platforms are Trustpilot and Sitejabber. You can also check the Facebook page of the essay writing service or check the places like Quora, Reddit, or even Instagram.

Are paper writing services legit indeed?

Not every essay business represents a legit research paper service. The entries that we have reviewed are legit and provide affordable help without being scum. The problem with numerous online companies is that they will hire freelancers for a week, so it’s a matter of luck in terms of timely delivery and quality. What we have presented for you is absolutely safe to use!

How to locate genuine research paper writing service reviews online?

If you have a single phrase that you see in a review, it doesn’t mean that you are dealing with a fake review. The same can be said about those lengthy reviews where everything is great. Look for those reviews that provide examples and sound real in terms of the subject and details that may help you to make your decision.

Should I consider checking research paper writing services?

There are many reasons why you can place a write my research paper request. It can be an urgent deadline or a situation that has not allowed you to read the lecture notes in peace. Sometimes you just cannot complete your school paper on time. We believe that it is worth at least checking the proposals and seeing how you can improve your grades or get the grammar mistakes corrected.

What is the most reliable research paper writing service?

It is hard to pick just one. It will always depend on the writer and the situation. We have picked five options for you where each service represents something special. For example, EduBirdie provides different writing levels and the ability to talk to the writer, while EssayVikings provide you with the most affordable research paper writing services without any quality deterioration. The final choice is yours, yet you won’t fail with any of the entries we have provided!

Should I ask my research paper writer for the references list?

Of course! You should ask for the references list, yet it must be included as a part of your order, especially if it has been requested or mentioned by your grading rubric. A research paper must have at least one reference if it has been used. Make sure to discuss this aspect with your chosen or matched expert.

Are Paper Services Online Legit?

Technically speaking, there are no laws or bills of any kind that would prevent students from purchasing academic assistance papers or templates online. By approaching a legitimate research paper writing company, you are not violating anything as long as you do not claim the paper received to be your own work. If you take a quick look at EduBirdie’s website, you will see that the company provides academic assistance for educational purposes to help you compose your own assignment. It makes it clear that it is your use and the moral vision that play the essential role. If the website claims to do the work instead of you, it also comes down to how exactly you are planning to deal with an assignment. Checking top-rated research paper services, we came across many different options, yet only the five entries have earned our trust as you can read from the reviews above. Each time that you plan to approach a writing service online, double-check their user policy and remember about the purpose, which is to learn and get things done without plagiarism or any violations. As you buy research papers online, you are not violating the law as long as you follow the user agreement and stay honest as you learn.

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