Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany The

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

The PikeUp! Parade happens today at noon beginning at Rachel the Piggybank (who knew she had a name?) and then meandering through the market. The efforts marks a kickoff of sorts for the upcoming westward expansion of the market to connect the waterfront to create the ‘Marketfront’ entrance scheduled to open in 2016. Donors also have the privilege and opportunity to have their name or personal message scrawled on a bronze a path of Piggybank Hoofprints or Market Charms if they dip into their personal piggybanks and give cash to the market powers that be. If you join, be sure to watch out for oblivious tourists staring at the ceiling or walking in traffic and people with double-wide strollers and no clue.

Two Beers Brewing celebrates seven years on Saturday, November 8th from 1-7p in their SoDo tasting room. Over 20 brews will be on tap including a selection of rare and bottled beer. In addition, the release of the 2014 Alta Series Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter and the 7th Anniversary American Sour Ale will coincide with the event. Live music and food from the double-entendre named How Pickle Got out of a Jam truck will be featured. Also of note, this will be the last anniversary event in the current space as Two Beers is moving to a new tasting room next door in March 2015. Stay tuned…

In news of Seattleite’s insane love of pets; the owner of Play Doggie Daycare in the CD is planning on opening a new location in Capitol Hill’s Manhattan building which will also house the highly anticipated Chophouse Row. While news of a dog daycare is nothing to bark about, the implication that Chophouse Row will be including a ‘mezzanine dog bar’ is. The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that design plans “will allow for patrons to have a drink while their friends get their exercise in a separate doggy-daycare center below.” Amazing. Meanwhile, hundreds of abandoned animals live in Seattle-area shelters dreaming of having self-absorbed owners that drink martinis while paying someone else to watch their pets.

Continued excitement regarding home fermenting is a bubbling up and Seattle Tilth, in conjunction with the Seattle Public Library is here to educate you. On Thursday, December 4th from 5-6p at the Lake City Branch, home preservers and crunchy folks can learn the art of Making Kombucha at Home. Tilth instructor Ellie Cohan will teach this free class and will tell you everything you need to know about how to make this questionably delicious beverage. Bonus – attendees will be sent home with their own starter cultures.