Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany If you’re

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

If you’re like me you’ve purchased a cast iron pan at some point in your life out of pure nostalgia. Every once in a great while you might break it out to use in a recipe you’ve found or to just pretend like it’s the good old days. And even though I know it’s a great cooking implement it still weighs a ton and I’m always wondering if I’ve cleaned it properly. Well, it’s time for some action with some cast iron cooking mythbusting with Serious Eats’ Kenji Lopez-Alt. In his latest piece he dispels all those old notions about cleaning, seasoning and cooking with cast iron.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that the formerly torched Gallerias space on the 600 block of East Broadway will soon become home to Rooster’s Tex Mex in early 2015. The couple that brought Bing to Madison Park will be opening the new restaurant and continuing the north Broadway restaurant expansion which already houses classics such as Poppy and Altura. Judging by their promo video, it’s going to be bold, brash and fool of cock-a-doodle-doo.

Do you live in the ‘other’ Seattle – that westward peninsula that many city-dwellers know so little about? Well, if you do you’ll be excited to learn that the long awaited sports bar – The Westy – is finally scheduled to open on Wednesday the 26th of November. The Westy will bring you 16 screens, 13 taps, shuffleboard and a full menu from Chef Christopher Hatfield including upscale pub fare and both vegetarian and gluten-free options.