Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany Do you

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

Do you or your friends call you a foodie? Well, if so that’s unfortunate as it’s become a term that while once cutesy and befitting of a certain type it is now a label that ranges from reviled to slight disdain. Maybe we will just wait for someone to come up with a better term. Or perhaps it will become ‘cool’ again like nerd or geek where those who are self-proclaimed members of that not-so-secret society wear their monikers as a badge of honor. In the meantime, we can read John Lanchester’s recent article in the New Yorker titled ‘Shut Up and Eat.’ In his story on why our obsession with food has gone horribly sideways, he writes, “Once upon a time, food was about where you came from. Now, for many of us, it is about where we want to go—about who we want to be, how we choose to live.” Now that’s some serious prose. Read on to learn more about how to stop defining yourself through food – perhaps a support group is on the way…

In east side news, IL Bistro is commemorating its 40th anniversary by opening Amaro Bistro on November 24th in Bothell. The new space is located in the Six Oaks Apartment building and will feature traditional Italian cuisine using local ingredients in a manner similar to its sister restaurant in Pike Place Market. The new space will also feature an exhibition kitchen and outdoor seating in the Spring of 2015.

After 63 years we have learned via the Queen Anne View that A&J’s Meats is closing. They will be open through November so stop by and say hello and goodbye to owners Rick and Julia who are retiring after 25 years of running the shop. With Bill the Butcher closing all 6 shops and now A&J’s about to go away it appears that there is indeed an opportunity for a new meat market or two in our fair city. Which butcher will step up?