Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany Anyone who

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

Anyone who has ever worked in food service has likely witnessed the overwhelming amount of food waste that diners create by not finishing their meals. A mind-boggling 40% of our food supply gets tossed in the trash. In part, this is likely to the massive portion sizes that many American restaurants are compelled to provide in the name of ‘value’. Look ma, I’m getting more food than I could/should possibly consume in 3 days all for the low price of $7.99!?! Well, that mindset just sucks. And journalist/environmental activist Rob Greenfield is on a mission to educate us all about how much food we waste and how to stop it. On his most recent bike ride from Madison, WI to New York City he ate 70% of his food collected from dumpsters. Check out his piece story on America’s Food Waste Fiasco to see some pretty powerful imagery on what food he found in dumpsters across major cities during his trip.

Maria Hines’ Tilth restaurant in Wallingford celebrates local wild foods on Tuesday, October 28th by featuring ingredients locally foraged, found or caught. Menus will include wild caught black cod, salmon and tuna as well as mushrooms and huckleberries. Come enjoy the bounty that our local region provides to us.

More local goodness continues with several of Linda Derschang’s restaurants (Tallulah’s, Oddfellows and Smith all participating in Meatless Monday for a cause on November 3rd. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to benefit Pasado’s Safe Haven – an 85 acre animal sanctuary located north of Seattle and home to domestic pets and farm animals leading a better life in peace and harmony. Orwell would be proud.