You either like bitters or you don’t. Some can develop a taste

You either like bitters or you don’t. Some can develop a taste for Scotch, but in my long history behind the bar I never saw anyone go from a hate to love relationship with a bottle of Campari. And as far as the black bitters go, your Jagers and Fernets, that’s pretty much a personal choice, too, one that greatly depends on whether you yacked it up in college or not.This Fernet is not the same as the much adored Fernet Branca. Like the Ferro-China next to it, they carry the same definition–a very bitter, dark, medicinal-like liqueur; but the two you see above have less than half the alcohol and are a shadow of a copy of the O.B. In a good way. They also cost half as much ($18) as a bottle of Fernet Branca, which is why I always keep one in the fridge (also because my beloved Fernet Branca is like red kryptonite to me). Indigestion? Overeating? General belly malaise? Do a shot of this stuff. It’s magic. Within thirty minutes you could take down a smorgasbord. The one on the left is a bit more complex, sweet and licoricey than the one on the right, which might actually sprout chest hair on one with a more delicate liquor sensibility. Grab a bottle if you see it, as they are rare in this market. I’ve spotted them recently at Remo Boracchini’s (2307 Rainier Ave. S.) on Rainier and DeLaurenti (1425 First Ave.) in the Pike Place Market.