With a projected opening date of October 29, Po Dog is coming

With a projected opening date of October 29, Po Dog is coming to Capitol Hill, located in what promises to be a sleek shoebox on East Union Street. This new venue, styled after similar single-focus joints in L.A. and Las Vegas, will offer both the standards (dogs with kraut) as well as more exotic concoctions, like a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped dog; an egg-roll-wrapped wasabi dog; and a peanut-butter-and-banana dog. You’ll have a choice of all-beef, kosher, or veggie dogs, all served atop a potato bun. Beer, soda, fries, and homemade red Argentinean potato chips round out the menu. Owner Laura Olson says that she smells like a circus, her car has been turned into a hot-dog delivery vehicle, and she never knew art could be so controversial. The mural she had planned for the Madison Street side of the building has caused no end of controversy among neighboring businesses, but she’s working with artist John Osgood to come up with a design to satisfy everyone. And the hot dogs? It’s simple: Olson wants to offer “gourmet hot-dog dining with a little twist” and something “quick, cheap, and easy.” She’ll offer slider dogs for happy hour: three mini-dogs and a beer. She hopes to open by the end of the month.