These red velvet doughnuts are courtesy of TASTE pastry chef, Lucy Damkoehler.

These red velvet doughnuts are courtesy of TASTE pastry chef, Lucy Damkoehler. Every Thursday at the Olympic Sculpture Park farmers market, you can find Sweet Lucy D (that’s her twitter handle, by the way) selling unique pastries, such as these cake doughnuts made from local ingredients. The pastry flour is from Nash’s farm, the all-purpose flour is from Shepherd’s Grain, and the eggs are from Skagit River Ranch. The actual red coloring for the doughnuts is also locally sourced. “I was inspired by all the awesome beets we have been getting, and when I was trying to think of a doughnut last week, I thought it would be cool to do a take on the red velvet using beets that Stoney Plains had across the way from our booth,” says Damkoehler, who used the Stoney Plains beets, along with candy striped beets, to add color. She also added a dose of cocoa powder, which helps deepen the burgundy color of the doughnuts so they won’t turn fluorescent pink. “I wanted the doughnuts to taste like a mix between a red velvet cake and a munchkin from Dunkin’ Donuts (due to my upbringing from the East Coast!). Lastly, I coated them in a buttermilk icing (which in any other situation I would have used cream cheese, but since it was hot outside, this worked best) and toasted pecans. I made the dough, rolled it, cut it, then deep fried it.”My favorite part of the doughnut was the sea salt that Damkoehler adds to the pecans after she chops them. It gives a nice savory kick to the pastry, much like the effect of adding sea salt to caramels.Lucy’s Bag ‘o Donuts are only $5 and they’re still warm when you get them. You can even see the condensation on the bag. Next week at the OSP farmers market, Lucy will be doing a brioche doughnut filled with a lemon fromage blanc mousse from Mt. Townsend.