There are a number of things I immediately liked about the Better

There are a number of things I immediately liked about the Better Budder Butterscotch Brownie upon spotting it in the medibles case recently at Lynnwood medical marijuana access point HypeHerbally. The first was the tongue-twisting name itself, which is fun to say before consuming the brownie, and even more entertaining afterwards. The second thing I liked was “Double Density,” printed in big, noticeable yellow type across the label.It’s not that I’d try to economize by slicing my Better Budder Butterscotch Brownie in half, or anything like that. In any event, with a donation of $12, that wouldn’t be an effective method of saving money, anyway. It’s just that my tolerance, like that of many cannabis patients who battle chronic pain, is, shall we say, somewhat elevated, and I need healthy doses to address my symptoms.So whenever any medible is billed as “double dose” or “triple strength” or what have you, I tend to gravitate to it, donate for it, and then disregard the label and eat the whole damned thing at once. Such was exactly my course of action with the Better Budder Butterscotch Brownie.The first bite told me this brownie was, first of all, incredibly fresh — melt-in-the-mouth fresh — and that someone had done an excellent job in preparing it. After unceremoniously scarfing the brownie down, I settled in and waited to learn just what “Double Density” on the label means.While the ensuing experience wasn’t overwhelming, I did get quite medicated on my Better Budder Butterscotch Brownie; I can’t take that away from it. Patients will each have to ask themselves if they are willing to plop down twelve bucks to learn how it works for them.I found my Better Budder Butterscotch Brownie at HypeHerbally Collective, just off I-5 at 16430 6th Ave. W., Lynnwood, 425-5820-9385, open 11-8 Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.

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