The Place: Westernco Donuts, 6538 Fourth Ave. S., 763-1155, SODO.The Hole: A

The Place: Westernco Donuts, 6538 Fourth Ave. S., 763-1155, SODO.The Hole: A traditional trio: a cream-filled Bismarck, a sugar-covered ring, and a maple bar. Holey Bonus: fortune cookies.The Shit: Westernco is a regional chain of bakeries that blend trays of donuts with delis and Asian lunch foods. At the SoDo location it was pretty clear that Sunday mornings are not a donut-frying day. Only a handful of donut options were available, but the basics were covered. After having plodded through our first half-marathon together the day before, my dad and I were still stiff, sore, and in full carb-consumption mode. We were drawn to the maple/chocolate/cream varieties and picked up the sugared “O” for my mom, most of which we planned to eat.Just before handing the cash, I noticed bags of fortune cookies sitting next to the fried dough and added one to the order.Westernco’s donuts are perfectly adequate. The chocolate/maple icing was on the sparse side, which was a little disappointing for a calorie-starved jogger. But fry up some carbs with sugar, and you’re never really going to be disappointed by what you’re putting in your mouth.The best part of the SoDo Westernco is those fortune cookies. They are among the most optimistic I’ve ever seen. The first one we cracked assured: “Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness.”The next got even better: “You will be a winner.”Despite coming in 13,302 out of approximately 17,000 runners, I actually felt like a victor thanks to Westernco.Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.