The Place: Starbucks, Main Terminal, SeaTac Airport.The Hole: One cinnamon twist the

The Place: Starbucks, Main Terminal, SeaTac Airport.The Hole: One cinnamon twist the size of a child’s femur and a bagel with a spattering of asiago cheese and a cup of Philadelphia cream cheese.The Shit: There are few things more frustrating than arriving at the airport just in time to discover that your plane has been delayed an hour. Inevitably it occurs after you have stayed up late packing followed by an early morning rush to the light rail without coffee.Facing that unfortunate circumstance, my holey-pastry-eating companion and I immediately started hunting for coffee and donuts. Unfortunately, that’s one area where SeaTac doesn’t offer much. In the well-lit main terminal hub, surrounded by those shops that seem to only appear in airports and several eateries, donuts were a rarity. We stopped first at a Dilettante stand with a small tray of donuts from a bakery that hasn’t terribly impressed in Holey Shit’s past.Across the way, our other coffee option, Starbucks, displayed no traditional donuts at all. (I confess I was really hoping to find those Top Pot donuts.) But what Starbucks did have was one of the largest cinnamon twists I’ve ever seen outside fairgrounds. Combined with a rather large bagel, it seemed we’d at least found something to sustain us through the wait.The twist was mostly sugary icing, very light on the cinnamon. But given the size of the thing, it seemed indulgence was prioritized over form. And who am I to fight such food paradigms?The bagels Starbucks serves are really only bagels in that they are round and have a hole in the middle. It’s basically wheel-shaped bread.All that said, our sizeable snacks provided enough food that by the time we’d polished everything off (and given ourselves serious carb/sugar rush jitters) the gate attendant was preparing to start boarding.