The integration of marijuana in Seattle has been rocky despite its legalization

The integration of marijuana in Seattle has been rocky despite its legalization in 2012, with few legitimate retailers and noted ups and downs with the medical marijuana outlets. Anecdotally, when friends of come from out of town and ask, “Hey, where can I buy pot? It’s legal here right?” I shrug and say the city hasn’t really figured that out yet.

So, perhaps the way to publically fuse marijuana and Seattle, a city known for its myriad espresso drinks, is with coffee. If so, Trichome, the weed-based lifestyle shop located at 618 S. Jackson St., is already ahead of the game.

For several months, the shop has been holding monthly “Cannabis & Coffee” events. In November, Trichome partnered with Cafe Vita, offering their Guatemalan Valmar and PNG YUS fair trade beans, said John Le, co-owner of Trichome, which opened in April, 2013, with the mission of having the “whole industry of marijuana mature a bit.”

“During the [November] event,” explained Le, a former cardiovascular surgery assistant, “we served Elevated Coffee.” Elevated Coffee is a blend of individual pour-over coffee, grass-fed organic butter, virgin coconut oil and cannabis-infused coconut oil.

Trichome avoids any legal grey areas, so to speak, with the police because their events are private and ticketed and they restrict access to folks who are 21-plus.

In November, Trichome also held its first non-coffee event, called Elevated Cocoa with the help of Hot Cakes. Trichome also holds non-food-centric events like educational workshops, art showings, album release parties and more. Their next Cannabis & Coffee event is slated for Dec. 21st, partnering with Conduit Coffee.

I can’t help but wonder, though, what a cannabis-infused coffee tastes like? “Since we emulsify each Elevated Coffee with an immersion blender,” explained Le, “you wind up with a warm, frothy cup of coffee with a mouth feel similar to that of a latte, the flavor is smooth with a light creamy finish. It’s delightful!”

Le, who started smoking weed more regularly with a friend while working as a surgical assistant, said marijuana “helped me from bugging due to stress.” Now, his habits and industrious nature may help Seattle move forward with its entire marijuana industry.