The byline from this post should actually be Angela Garbes, who was

The byline from this post should actually be Angela Garbes, who was foiled by technical difficulties.For NFL fans, Sundays are holy days: the day of rest on which we can watch back-to-back-to-back football games and consume unlimited quantities of snacks and beer, all while wearing elastic-waisted pants. Or at least it should be this way. Unfortunately, to maximize ratings, the money-grubbing m@#!*%^*!#g NFL imposes a blackout in our region, leaving fans of East Coast or Midwest teams stuck with watching P90X infomercials unless they’re willing to shell out 60 bucks a month for the Direct TV NFL Ticket. Or go to a bar. If you’re a fellow blackout victim, consider putting in your NFL day’s work at Buckley’s in Belltown. Fair warning: Yes, it is a sports bar. Yes, it is filled with dudes. Yes, it is a little chaotic. But the overall vibe is friendly, service is good, and the whole place is not permeated by the stench of testosterone. Last week, Buckley’s was home to a few out-of-town-team fan meet-ups, filling the place with a “diverse” group of folks. (For example, if you are a member of Eagles Nation, you’ll feel right at home amid the numerous McNabb and Westbrook jerseys, as Buckley’s is the site for weekly Eagles fan meet-ups.) The menu is slightly fancified pub grub, and there are 24 beers on tap. Skip the Cheez Wiz-laden nachos but wake up with the house bloody mary, ample on the vodka and garnished with peperoncini and cocktail shrimp, along with a beer back of Bud Lite. Buckley’s, 2331 Second Ave., 588-8879.

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