Sometimes, medical-marijuana access points in out-of-the-way places—particularly if they happen to be

Sometimes, medical-marijuana access points in out-of-the-way places—particularly if they happen to be the only storefront dispensary within an hour’s drive—tend to engage in unfortunate pricegouging. But that’s not the case with Canna-Copia, a well-run shop in rural Port Hadlock, Jefferson County.

DeLynn, a retired schoolteacher with a delightfully engaging personality and plenty of knowledge about cannabis, manages Canna-Copia, and her background in education shows. DeLynn decided she’d try medical marijuana after her retirement “since I wouldn’t get in trouble for it anymore,” she told me, and, like so many others, she found it addressed her symptoms much more effectively than pharmaceuticals, and with fewer side effects.

I saw DeLynn interact with two other patients before me, and she could definitely give a few customer-service tips to plenty of dispensary employees half her age. I’ll put it this way: If I managed a dispensary myself, I’d be on the phone right now trying to lure DeLynn away from Canna-Copia.

After a short wait in the (thanks to DeLynn, very welcoming) waiting room, I got to visit budtender Gayle in the bud room. There were about 10 strains, all at the attractive donation point of $10 per gram­—commendable in a rural area like Port Hadlock with little or no competition. (Both shops in Shelton: Take note and lower your prices.)

Canna-Copia also has a selection of reasonably priced tinctures ($10 for a half-ounce bottle of 
glycerin-based tincture, $18 for a full ounce), medibles (go for the $10 Mind Warp cookies—they’re nice and strong), and concentrates (including some nice-looking $20 bubble hash).

While 10 strains isn’t a huge flower selection, there was a good mix of sativas, hybrids, and indicas. With Gayle’s recommendation for pain and sleeplessness, I selected a bedtime indica, Mind Warp, and what was marked as a 50/50 hybrid, Blueberry.

Now, about that Blueberry: These are some very special flowers, my friends. The first impression one gets of this strain is its alluring bouquet and heavily frosted dark-green flowers. Upon toking, Blueberry leaves its delicious namesake flavor lingering in the nostrils and mouth, well past the first tokes and all the way through the first half of the joint.

And by the time you reach the half-joint juncture, you’re going to realize that it’s quite possible, even in this day and age when concentrates are all the rage, even when you style yourself a jaded and worldly cannabis connoisseur, to get quite high on simple, organic marijuana flowers. Cogitating on the drive home from Port Hadlock (well below the five-nanogram level, mind you; what do you think I am, a scofflaw?), I came upon the realization that if the elders of a gentle race need a little something-something to pass around the table at Valhalla, this is just the strain. The fact that it also very effectively addresses pain only increases the thrilling potency of its deep, mystic thrum.

Steve Elliott edits Toke Signals,, an irreverent, independent blog of cannabis news, views, and information.

CANNA-COPIA 661 Ness’ Corner Rd., Port Hadlock, 360-379-4689,, 1–6 p.m. daily.