So you want to have a picnic in a Seattle Park. Depending

So you want to have a picnic in a Seattle Park. Depending on the “when” and the “which,” you’ll have to plan ahead–maybe a day or a week or, like some crazy people, months. I had no idea competition was so fierce, until I tried to reserve a spot in Licoln Park. Allow me to pass on some of the park department’s recommendations after dealing with the consternation caused by my procrastination, in an effort to aid you with future reservations.Permits: Yeah, you need ’em and they cost (as they should): shelters ($30-110), use permits if you bring extra equipment ($75), individual tables ($10+)… Electrical and optional attendants are other extras. See specific sites for details or download this PDF. Permits are good for the entire day. HOWEVER, park people recommend you check in and put signage up by 10a.m. to avoid any kerfuffles. No permit, no enforcement, and the site reverts to first come, first served.Hints: Check festival schedules when picking a day or a park. Reserve the date before sending out invites. Forget about July 4th and 7th. Ditto on most Sundays. Also, you will compete with wedding ceremonies on Saturdays, but you could take the site over after they move on to the reception.Das Ist Verboten: Booze? yeah, NO. …and they randomly check. Dogs? Put it on a leash. Extra fire-making gadgets? Unless it’s small, not without permission AND a permit.And as all good Seattleites should already know–pack it in, pack it out.Seattle Parks and RecreationEvent Scheduling Office860 Terry Avenue North #134tel # (206) 684-4081M-F 9am to noon, 1pm to 4pm***you may wait on hold for an eternity (equivalent to 3 Paul Simon songs)