Silence Heart Nest

Since moving to downtown Fremont, this vegetarian haven—formerly located on the sketchy north end of University Way—is thriving. Just look at the sky-blue walls, the Sunday brunch bustle, and the attentive servers clad in saris: The Nest has clearly found its niche. The food, for the most part, backs up the razzle-dazzle. A veggie take on eggs Benedict ($8.50) with meat-free bacon and buttery hollandaise is a winner; the former adds the right salty note to the eggs, sauce, and English muffin, so you barely miss the more traditional Canadian bacon. The “Southern swing scramble” ($8.50), a cheesy mess o’ eggs dotted with spicy veggie sausage (and served, like the Benedict, with pretty good home fries and your choice of bread) is satisfying and endearingly unsophisticated, like the best homemade breakfast fare. (There’s plenty here for vegans, too, including a tofu scramble and several dairy-free pancake options.) And despite the Nest’s New Age aura—it’s run by the Sri Chinmoy Center, part of an international movement devoted to the teachings of a Bangladeshi guru—the restaurant serves honest-to-goodness, antsy-making, hangover-fighting coffee. Wonderful bonus: sipping it out of a mug covered with puffy clouds, drifting stars, and words like “serenity” and “calm.” 3508 Fremont Pl. N., 206-633‑5169. FREMONT