(Seattle’s Best Frozen Yogurt, Part One: Red Mango)SBFY Part Two: Shy GiantWHERE:

(Seattle’s Best Frozen Yogurt, Part One: Red Mango)SBFY Part Two: Shy GiantWHERE: Shy Giant, Pike Place marketWHAT: Small pumpkin frozen yogurt with hot apple-cinnamon toppingWHEN: Yesterday, 3 p.m.COST: $3.00WOULD I GO AGAIN? I?d go back, but I wouldn?t get the pumpkin/apple combo again.OFFICIAL TASTING NOTES:In my quest for the city?s best frozen yogurt, I ricocheted from Seattle?s newest yogurt boutique to Shy Giant, the old school yogurt and ice cream purveyor in Pike Place Market.If there?s one thing Shy Giant has, it?s charm. There?s nothing new or shiny about the place, just an honest desire to fulfill Seattle?s hankering for all things scoopable. My yogurt options were vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, and pumpkin. The woman behind the counter told me the first two are rather sweet (?they don?t really taste yogurty?), so I tasted the blueberry, whose real seeds and true blueb flavor thrilled me, and the pumpkin, specked with real spices and what seemed to be actual pieces of pumpkin instead of artificial flavorings. Both yogurts were good and tangy, but both were also really icy and stiff.Shy Giant?s strength lies in its topping selection. There are fruits (although nothing tropical), some kids? cereals, sprinkles, various chocolates, and a wide array of nuts (cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc.). But with images of fall flavors dancing in my head, I fell for the hot apple-cinnamon topping, and ordered it on top of the pumpkin yogurt, which gave me the thrill of eating Thanksgiving-flavored dessert weeks before the actual event, but didn?t do much else for me.The pumpkin yogurt was so icy it stood up tall in the cup; not even the heat of the apples could relax it. The apples were way too sweet, so I decide to focus on the yogurt, but the father down I got, the less I liked the flavor.Next time, I?ll try the blueberry yogurt, plain. (The price is right here.) Or with almonds.Shy Giant, 1500 Pike Place Market #6, 622-1988. DOWNTOWN