Photo courtesy of Jessie OlesonMeet Jessie Oleson: a woman on a mission

Photo courtesy of Jessie OlesonMeet Jessie Oleson: a woman on a mission to find sweetness in everyday life, whether in the form of a cupcake illustration or a recipe for Pop-Tart ice-cream sandwiches. You can read part one of Grillaxin with Jessie Oleson to get the entire scoop on this little lady with a big appetite for all things sugar, but in this lightning round, Oleson fills us in on what trends will be hitting the pastry case next–and what dessert should just hit the road.SW: You’re at the Puyallup fair. What concession do you make a beeline for? I have never been to this magical place, but I know for sure it would be something on a stick. Because everything tastes better on a stick.What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

I love 7-Eleven hot chocolate–you know, the kind where you press a button and it comes out of two spouts, one of which shoots hot water and one of which shoots powder into the cup.What is the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?

Sweetbreads. That food’s name is a BIG FAT LIE.What was your biggest baking flop? Mac-and-cheese cookies. What is the opposite of delicious? They were that.What is the most overrated sweet? Macarons. There, I said it.What’s your favorite vending-machine snack? When I see those two-pack Pop-Tart parcels in a vending machine, I know I’ve found my happy place.What do you hate to bake? Making meringues just pisses me off (see overrated sweet).What would your last meal be? Ziti pizza (it’s a Jersey Shore thing), a perfect Granny Smith apple, and crumb cake.What’s the next dessert trend?I kind of feel like the waffle is starting to have its day, specifically the Liege type of waffle, which is similar to a Belgian waffle.What is your biggest foodie fantasy? Sometimes I have this dream where I am the forbidden love child of Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker. Too bad Duncan is dead and Betty doesn’t really exist. Check back tomorrow for part three of this week’s Grillaxin for one of Jessie’s favorite recipes.Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.

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