Photo by Renee EricksonIn this final segment of our conversation with Renee

Photo by Renee Erickson

In this final segment of our conversation with Renee Erickson, she shares a recipe for the turnips she was raving about in part one, here. (For the full interview, read part two here.) This simple recipe is just the kind of richly vegetal spring indulgence you’ll find at Boat Street Cafe, and it’s a great foil for their richer dishes, as well.

Roasted Turnips, Brown Butter, and Marjoram

1bunch, about 10 small white turnips from Local Roots…

1 tbl olive oil

2 tbl unsalted butter

fleur de sel or kosher salt


1 tbl lemon juice

1/8 cup marjoram leaves picked from the stem

Wash the turnips, and trim the stems to one inch. Halve or quarter the turnips depending on their size. Heat a saute pan with the olive oil and butter on medium heat. When the butter is melted, add the turnips. Cook without stirring too much, trying to keep the cut sides down to promote browning. Occasionally toss the turnips to cook evenly. As the butter starts to brown, add the lemon juice, salt and pepper. The lemon will help to keep the butter brown. Test for doneness with a paring knife. When the turnips are ready (still a little firm) add in the picked marjoram. It should fry and become crisp.

Serve warm with perfectly roasted chicken.