Pearadactyl at 611 Supreme

A new series about drinking like the pros.

Part of a Voracious series in which we walk up to bartenders and order their favorite cocktail—whatever it may be.

Name: Justin Clark

Age: 25

Bar: 611 Supreme, 611 Pine St., 328-0292. CAPITOL HILL

Name Your Poison: The Pearadactyl–Clear Creek pear brandy, green Chartreuse, Cointreau, orange juice, and lemon juice. “It’s basically a fancied-up pear-brandy sidecar,” Justin says, noting that some people think it needs a dash of champagne, but he prefers it this way.

Why the Pearadactyl? “I just like sidecars in general, although this is my second-favorite drink. My real favorite costs too much.”

Well, tell us what it is. “It’s half Chinaco Añejo tequila and half Courvoisier as a sidecar on the rocks…but that’s a $30 cocktail.”

My thoughts on Justin’s First Call drink: I love Clear Creek pear brandy (especially as a float on champagne), so my heart leapt when I sawhim break out the bottle. Then when I saw the proportion he’d be using to make the drink, my eyes boggled. The blend of pear and the 130 plant extracts that go into theChartreuse wassweet, but in a machoway, due to its high alcohol content—like getting knocked upside the head with a bunch of flowers. They say the pterodactyl was the first vertebrate to evolve flight, and after sipping this bad boy, I believe I can fly.

Other reasons you’ll want to post up at 611: Comfy bar stools, low light, aged bourbon, hip-hop, friendly people, and, if you’re lucky, magic tricks involving color-changing alcohol.