Not really, but this great new raw food is made in Las

Not really, but this great new raw food is made in Las Vegas, which is where I discovered them earlier this week at the only Whole Foods on the strip. Raw Makery makes an entire line of raw bakery-inspired items, like breads, cookies, and of course these rawtillas, which come in an assortment of flavors. These raw tortillas aren’t going to fool anybody into thinking they’re the “real thing,” but they do have a nice texture, much like a breadier version of a corn tortilla. Directions on the bag tell you how to make them a little more pliable: spritzing them with some water to rehydrate. But really, you don’t need to. Each rawtilla is made from certified organic and sprouted ingredients: brown flax, golden flax, yellow onions, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, cilantro, curry powder, agave, and Himalayan Crystal Salt. Translation? All you need is a good dip! Hummus and any sort of tahini or raita is a good choice. If you want to actually use them as a tortilla, I suggest avocado and some slaw to put into these babies for a nice raw treat–after rehydrating them, of course, so they’ll actually fold without tearing.The curry is a very powerful flavor which needs to be offset by something a tad mild to really be enjoyed. The black sesame seeds sprinkled on top create a very pleasant texture. Each bag comes with five rawtillas and costs about $8. Would I use them instead of corn tortillas? Absolutely. Not only are they higher in protein and fiber, they’re more filling. They’re an excellent snack straight from the bag and I bet they’d be great toasted and made into pita chips, too. Anyone know where to get these in Seattle?

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