Not long after arriving in this fair city, I wrote a not-so-brief

Not long after arriving in this fair city, I wrote a not-so-brief piece about the still dark location of Pabla Punjabi Cuisine at 3rd and Madison. In it, I talked about leftovers, impulse control problems, adorable French waifs, Chateau Latour and the naming issues that seem to plague Indian restaurants with a limited number of descriptive phrases to choose from. “Now if [Pabla Punjabi Cuisine] sounds familiar, it should,” I wrote back in February. “There are already a couple other Pabla-ish restaurants up and running in the area. But the confusing thing is, not all of them are related.For example, Pabla Cuisine in Renton? No relation to the new Pabla Cuisine set to open downtown. Pabla Veggie Cuisine in Issaquah? A sister restaurant to the one in Renton, but again, not related to the one at 2nd and Madison.But Pabla India Cuisine–the 17-year-old Indian restaurant down around 2nd and Pike (and shown in the map above)–is related, and I just got off the phone with someone there who told me that, while no hard date has yet been set for the opening of the new Pabla Cuisine, the owners are looking at something maybe three or four weeks off.”Name games aside, the important part of all that? The line right at the end where the owners told me that they were looking at getting Pabla Punjabi open in “three or four weeks.”That was in February. Now it is June. And while the place didn’t just open today (I noticed it today because they have someone standing out front of the place handing out flyers to passers-by), it did unlock the doors in the past couple weeks–about four months past their estimated opening date.One of the reasons for the delay is that owner Jas Pabla (who already runs Pabla Indian Cuisine on 2nd Avenue) had recently opened a different restaurant, called Pabla Punjab Palace, down in SeaTac (at 15245 International Boulevard), and getting that place up and running was taking all of his attention. But now, it seems the time has come for the new kid on the block to make its play, so if you’re in the neighborhood and looking for some Indian, why not give the place a try?And when you do, drop a note and let me know how it is. I’d love to have another good Indian restaurant in the neighborhood, and could really go for some tandoori right about now.