Norm’s Eatery & Ale House

One of Seattle’s few canine-themed (and dog-friendly) bars, Norm’s exudes a homey, just-folks vibe in the heart of a Fremont where hip lounges (ToST, Nectar) and frat-boy hangouts (Ballroom, The Triangle) seem to dominate the nightlife. This lively place has been chugging along for nearly three years on the strength of a time-tested formula: nice people, sports on TV, and really good happy-hour prices (4 to 7 p.m. daily). What’s discounted varies based on the day; on Wednesdays, draft beer and forties (40-ounce bottles of beer) cost $3, and appetizers are $3 to $5 (roughly half off). These include a satisfying roasted-garlic hummus with warm pita triangles and Greek-style crudité, shrimp-and-vegetable skewers with zingy tomato chutney, and tasty but somewhat soggy calamari rings ‘n’ tentacles (with requisite aioli). If you’re lucky, the bar’s namesake golden retriever will make an appearance (he belongs to owner Steve Habecker); either way, you can gaze admiringly at the dog portraits that decorate the walls as you watch the Huskies (those other Dawgs), swig your forty, and lean waaaay back in that plushy red sofa. 460 N. 36th St., 206-547-1417. FREMONT