Look how cute!Do you like pumpkin bread and cream cheese? If so,

Look how cute!Do you like pumpkin bread and cream cheese? If so, you’ll love these sweet little creations from North Hill Bakery. They’re called Chumpkins ($2) and are very similar to a pumpkin bread whoopie pie. The cake-like cookies made from pumpkin puree, currants, molasses, eggs, sugar and flour are a nice change of pace from a boring slice of pumpkin bread. Chumpkins are made fresh daily and served chilled. They’re super light and the perfect snack size — about four bites. Unfortunately, there’s not really a good story on how the name Chumpkin came about (basically, a customer blurted out the word after eating one), but there is a good story on how the actual product was born. Owner Margaret Rumpeltes says that in the fall of 2008, her bakers found themselves with a superabundance of pumpkin puree due to an early and plentiful pumpkin season east of the mountains (Yakima). It was too early to make pumpkin pie, and they couldn’t fathom allowing the deliciousness to go bad, but they didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t long after that North Hill’s lead baker, Raylynn Chao, was prepping frosting for cakes and came up with the idea to sandwich a lighter cream cheese frosting between the pumpkin cookies. Viola! The Chumpkin was born. Regular customers get excited about Chumpkins because they are a precursors to North Hill’s uber-popular pumpkin pies, which should make their debut shortly after Halloween.If you want to try a Chumpkin (or two), get there early. They’ll most likely be gone by early afternoon. There’s also a rumor that Citizen on lower Queen Anne serves them.

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