Let’s hear it for Jodee Capo. The lovely California transplant had the

Let’s hear it for Jodee Capo. The lovely California transplant had the guts to open a raw, organic, gluten-free dessert shop near Greenlake on Valentine’s Day. The reaction? Overwhelming. Instead of scoffing at another healthy food store, people paid to eat her creations. “I wanted people to experience desserts without guilt; healthy desserts that taste just like any other dessert they would have,” says Capo. “Most people think everything here is baked, and I think that’s wonderful because you can’t tell the difference!”Jodee’s has been on my radar ever since I heard she was opening her cute little storefront, but what spurred me inside was an e-mail I received last week from our own Rose Tosti after she paid a visit to Jodee’s, exclaiming: “I’m in banana-cream-pie heaven!” I’ve actually purchased several raw food items from Jodee’s (she carries a few lines of raw snacks that until now I’ve only been able to find in California), but it wasn’t until this morning that I stopped by for dessert. I fully intended to order Rose’s suggestion of banana cream pie, but Jodee suggested I try one of their most popular desserts, tiramisu. The tiramisu ($7.25) is about 95 percent raw. Capo gave me the rundown on ingredients, which she takes painstaking steps to ensure are of the highest quality. “It has raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs, raw organic agave, maple syrup, raw organic coconut oil, vanilla, decaf organic Stumptown coffee, and coconut whipped cream. The bottom layer is an almond flour crust with coffee mixed into it.”Forget raw. This is one of the best tiramisus I have ever eaten. You can really taste the Stumptown coffee, which is cold-brewed. “Cold-brewed coffee is a slow-drip process,” explains Capo. “The coffee beans are ground and then placed in a container that drips for 24 hours. It is not heated at all, so that way all of the acid is not present when you drink it and all of the flavor is there.”The consistency is like cheesecake, and the moist almond crust sticks with the creamy filling without separating. Not a tiramisu fan? Capo has a bazillion (not really) other desserts to choose from, including Key lime, vanilla chocolate swirl, and chocolate cherry pies, chocolates, cupcakes, and berry mousse cups. Capo, who spent nine months as the pastry chef at Thrive, makes all her desserts. She’s the bubbly lady working in the kitchen while simultaneously taking time to talk to customers. She herself lives on a mostly raw diet. “My diet is probably about 80,percent raw. Being in Seattle coming from California, I’ve noticed I need a lot more warmer soups now and then!”Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.

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