Just a few of the food stories out there this week:The Pacific

Just a few of the food stories out there this week:The Pacific Northwest Cheese blog announces that Estrella Family Creamery has just won a gold at the World Cheese Awards for its Grisdale Goat. Stop by their farmers market stands to congratulate them. Oh, and New York, suck it: You can only find this internationally famous cheese in the Puget Sound, since Kelli Estrella won’t ship.Civil Eats looks at the resumes of two new Obama appointees to ag-related positions — and finds they’re coming from organizations that have lobbied hard against local, sustainable agriculture. One appointee even criticized Michelle Obama for not using fertilizer in the White House garden.In the wake of Gourmet’s closing, the analysis has moved on from “What’s wrong with Gourmet?” to “What’s wrong with food publications?” Christopher Kimball, publisher of the profitable Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen empire, is playing the role of provacateur, claiming that Twitter and Google are killing thoughtful food writing and recipe development. Expertise and training are essential, he says. Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet, takes him on, arguing, “Make way, old man”: Blogs are where great food writing and photography are appearing, and that in the food blog world there’s a lot of crappy writing but the cream rises to the top. Kimball retorts on his blog (titling the post “Ship of Fools”), OK, some of you Twitterers are knowledgeable and kind of funny, but there is a right way to make a broccoli casserole, and it takes 75 tries (literally) in the test kitchen to find it. The Village Voice’s Sarah DiGregorio writes, oh, no, you DIDN’T…and the debate rages on.Bonus link: The Cake Wrecks book is out. My favorite genre: the pregnant


cakes (the last one more of a C-section cake).

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