It was not your insidious use of hot pink, or the green

It was not your insidious use of hot pink, or the green iPod-esque silhouette of a woman that hooked me. No. You had me at can. Don’t you long to relax in the park with a book…and a beer? Don’t you wish movie theaters served beer, only to be thwarted by little things like laws and regulations? I sure do. I seek out alcohol in all its clever, portable forms. These slim cans are from Brouwerij Bavik, makers of Wittekerke, a delicious white beer from Belgium that is every bit as refreshing yet a bit simpler than Hoegaarden. (More on white beers tomorrow in my column). The beer in the can is Wittekerke, in fact–with the extra added punch of fresh raspberries. Unlike the common lambics from Lindeman’s (which are too sweet), or the fruited hefeweizens that often contain too little fruit flavor, this beer is light, refreshing, and smacks of the tart sweetness of a fresh raspberry. At 99 cents each, 4 1/2″ high, and a 2″ diameter, I can secrete an entire six pack into the Cineplex. I mean I could if I wanted to… Wittekerke and Wittekerke Rose are distributed in WA by Browar Polska. You can find Wittekerke Rose at the Ballard Market, Bottleworks, and sometimes Central Market.