It only takes one of them.?Since I’ve spent a lot of time

It only takes one of them.?Since I’ve spent a lot of time in this space talking about yummy THC-infused treats like brownies, cookies, cake pops, seven-layer bars, sodas, and even cotton candy, I should also point out that all medicated cannabis edibles aren’t of the high-sugar, high-fat persuasion.In fact, some medibles are more a medication delivery system than a food item, as I was reminded when I visited Puget Sound Health Alternatives recently.The medicinal cannabis collective garden has a nice selection of conventional medibles in the $9-$10 range like Smuggler’s Choice peanut butter cookies, Pack A Punch candy bars, and a range of always-delicious Ettalew’s Medibles. But when co-owner Tim showed me the refrigerated medibles case, I also saw some little wads of colored goo that looked like squat, foreshortened slugs.?Tim told me he felt the Fruit Punch Gummies were the best medibles in the place, and at $6 apiece, they’re also a good value, so I came home with two of them. Even though Tim assured me that each Gummy represented a dose, I got two since, in the past, I’ve often found medibles dosing to fall somewhat short due to my increased tolerance, being, shall we say, somewhat accustomed to cannabis.I did exercise the prudence of having only one of the orangish red gummies, then waiting an hour to gauge the effects (in a rare instance of listening to my own advice). It was evident, after an hour, that one was enough to produce pain relief, relaxation, and the sort of body heaviness associated with a solid indica stone.Nobody is going to eat these gummies for the way they taste — the active ingredient is the THC-rich butane honey oil (BHO), which lends them a chemical, mediciney taste. But that’s the difference between a food-centered medible and a medication delivery system.As Tim pointed out, these gummies are easier for someone to eat than is a rich, fatty treat when, say, their nausea means they don’t have much of an appetite. And beyond that, the fact that your stomach doesn’t have to digest its way through fats and sugars to get to the medicine makes for a quicker onset, as well.Get your BHO Fruit Punch Gummies at Puget Sound Health Alternatives, 3202 15th Ave. W., at the corner of 15th and Dravus. They’re open from 11 to 8 Monday through Saturday at noon to 6 on Sunday; telephone 402-5082, email, website Medibles wants to review your cannabis-infused food items. E-mail Elliott edits Toke of the Town, Village Voice Media’s site of cannabis news, views, rumor and humor.

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