Indi Cola: It’s such a perfect name for a cannabis-infused soda that

Indi Cola: It’s such a perfect name for a cannabis-infused soda that when I spotted it last weekend at Key Peninsula Collective in Lakebay, my first reaction was surprise that the name hadn’t already been taken. My second thought, after noticing the attractive, professional packaging and being told by budtender Sam that this was a “triple strength” drink, was “I gotta try this stuff.”There are quite a few cannabis-infused sodas and other drinkables in town; many of them taste quite good and work well, too; others are execrable and laughably weak. Among the good and the bad, one of the things I’ve noticed is that the cola flavor is really hard to get right. I’ve tried at least three cannabis colas now; none of them even approach the possibly unrealistic Holy Grail (Coca-Cola, neophyte) of cola drinks in taste, although some certainly make themselves worth your while, medication-wise.Indi Cola was perhaps the best of the three weed colas I’ve tried over the past year of doing Incredible Medibles. While it still wasn’t quite “there” in terms of taste, it was pleasant tasting enough to not make drinking the 10 ounces a chore. In fact, giving the Indi Cola its best shot at medicating me properly, I guzzled the thing down in less than five minutes.According to the label, the “triple strength” Indi Cola contains 125 milligrams of hash oil; the drink goes for a $15 donation per bottle. “Regular strength” sodas are also available at $10 each, but I’d recommend paying the 15 bucks and getting the strong stuff.”HIGHLY MEDICATED,” it says on the back label. “DRINK no more than a HALF BOTTLE & WAIT at least 15 minutes before consuming remainder.” I, of course, completely ignored this advice, and so should you, if your tolerance is anywhere approaching mine. As a matter of fact, if I’d had a second bottle on hand, I’d have guzzled that, too, 30 bucks notwithstanding. If, on the other hand, you’re susceptible to low doses of cannabis, by all means approach your Indi Cola cautiously, and save yourself the need of sending emails scolding me for my reckless and intemperate advice.”May or may not help with aches and pains,” the back label equivocates. “Could possibly provoke a sunny day.”So does the triple-strength, $15 Indi Cola get you as medicated as that gram (or a gram and a half) of top-shelf weed that you could buy with the same 15 bucks? In my case, not really, although it was a nice sensation of heavy, indica body-high within 20 minutes of drinking. It’s still worth the money if you want a drinkable, effective dose of cannabis and have three $5’s burning a hole in your pocket.I found my Indi Cola (also available in other flavors) at Key Peninsula Collective, 15607 92nd St. KPN, Gig Harbor, WA 98349 (Gig Harbor address, but Lakebay location), (253) 884-6420.

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