Image above: am a girl who carries a bag, and I

Image above: am a girl who carries a bag, and I like to sit at a bar. What to do with said bag, when you’re on a tall stool a few extra feet off the ground?Happily, a few bars have seen my dilemma: bag on the floor, bag tucked beneath me, bag hanging over my knee. Not elegant. At Quinn’s recently (sipping my first mojito of the season, a good example, sweet with mint and lime, not sugar), I was happy to find a simple hook under the bar. Near knee height: Meant for my bag.At Pike Street Fish Fry, in addition to the first smelts I’ve tasted since I was a kid (oily as they should be, very nice with the house-made tartar), there was another hook on which to sling by bag. I slung.And then again, a few days later at Cafe Presse (image above) my bag found another perfectly tucked away place to hang. Simple, smart, a perfect design solution. Someone is worrying about my bag, and I am grateful.