Illustration by Andrew Saegar, tHEARTdept.Hey, fellow lushes! Color me red and call

Illustration by Andrew Saegar, tHEARTdept.Hey, fellow lushes! Color me red and call me a commie, I am deliriously happy to hear the latest proclamation from Russian (puppet) president, you know . . . The Guy Who Came After Putin. He said all people in the former Soviet Union needed to do to fight alcoholism was drink more wine!Hot damn and hallelujah, now there’s a politician who’s got something important to say and The Wino’s gonna drink to that! ???? ????????!! (That’s Russian for pour me another shot of that stinking awful moonshine vodka Comrade!)OK, forget about wadka. There’s nothing like a tumbler full of bubbles to make a proper toast. Here are a few of The Wino’s faves:Wait, what? You think sparkling wine is only for holidays and weddings and to launch war ships? Hell nah. This fizzy bev is appropriate any day of the year, any time of the day. Hello! What do you think mimosas are made of?Go ahead and shake things up. Pop that cork — or grab a sword and saber that muther — and let’s celebrate Thirsty Thursday!When it comes to the wildly popular prosecco, there’s sticky-sweet stuff and not-so-cloying. The Wino leans toward those bubbles that don’t taste like bubblegum. I would definitely not spit out the Zonin prosecco, which can be found at Trader Joe’s for about $7. Wanna make it even better? Float a strawberry in your glass.Chateau Ste. Michelle’s got several sparklers for under $10. The brut is dry and explodes with a yummy flavor bomb when you take too big a swig. Slow down and sip it. You can always pour another glass or five. Wanna know something that just might blow your mind? The “extra dry” is actually a little sweeter than the brut. Leave it to the French to dream up a secret code to make Champagne more mysterious. The Wino recently went to an awesome German Riesling dinner at Wild Ginger and fell ass over teacups for a bubbly made with that lovely varietal. It’s as gorgeous as Beyonce bathed in her knocked-up baby glow and it’s from da famous Dr. Ernst Loosen, so it’ll cure whatever ails you. Buy it at Esquin for $12. If you don’t love it, well, then I’ve got a one-way ticket to Siberia for you.Finally, The Wino’s gotta send out some love to her old friends in Spokanistan, home of Mountain Dome winery, makers of some mighty fine Washington state champagne. (Hey, calm down Mr. Wine Snob, I used a small “c.” I know only wines made in the Champagne region can use that famous name.) The Manz family has been doing it champagne-style since the 1980s, though they recently sold to Spokane wine magnate Don Townshend. (He’s got like five wineries now!!) For something soft and fruity, look for the Mountain Dome label with the gnomes on it. That’s the family portrait, circa 1990s-ish. Of course, The Wino digs Dom and all that high-end French-y fizz rappers guzzle, too, but, at $50 and up, those bottles truly are for special occasions. Like every other weekend and good hair days. Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.