If you’re tired of getting up early to reach the farmers market

If you’re tired of getting up early to reach the farmers market before your favorite stand runs out of eggs and chicken, consider signing up for seasonal delivery of locally grown, organically fed, pasture-raised chicken and eggs. Located in Carnation, Cindy and David Krepky’s Dog Mountain Farm offers a Winter Poultry CSA for 10 weeks, Jan. 17-March 14, with chicken ($150), chicken and chicken egg ($300), or chicken and duck egg ($320) options. Delivery fees are included. You’ll receive one three-to-four-pound bird a week and a dozen eggs of either variety. The meat-only option offers marked savings: At the farmers market, the birds cost $6 a pound, but yours will be just $3.75. (One chicken per delivery.) “Most farmers raise chicken seasonally, so there is a premium for ‘winter’ chicken,” explains Cindy Krepky. “Egg supplies in the winter are dicey with the cold, dark, wet weather.””These chickens are a French breed,” continues Krepky, “the French Colored Range Chicken, part of the Label Rouge program, and they are slow to develop. While the common Cornish hen matures in four to eight weeks, these take 14 to 16 weeks. Because they are slow growers, they are very tender.”The couple is developing delivery points in the Ballard, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. If you live outside these areas, or have nine friends whom you can convince to sign up, consider offering to host a drop-spot, as you’ll get 25% off your bill.For more food news like this plus restaurant gossip and date night ideas, check out our weekly, Big Bites e-newsletter sent out every Tuesday. Sign up here and we promise we won’t send you a bunch of spam.