icanhascheezburger.comI’m not really LOLing.Name of food writer: Zibby Wilder aka “Fridge Bitch”Position:

icanhascheezburger.comI’m not really LOLing.Name of food writer: Zibby Wilder aka “Fridge Bitch”Position: Web editorShame factor: I don’t think there’s much here one could feel shame for. Or pride, for that matter. I just can’t handle anything beyond edible in my fridge.Let’s put it this way, if I worked at your work, I would be that girl who emails everyone repeatedly every Thursday warning you that all your nasty leftovers and forgotten fur-filled tupperwares are going in the trash. And I would do it with great, gleeful joy.Contents of note: Due to the lack of contents, there’s not really anything of note. I obviously have a cat with urinary disease (actually, two cats with urinary disease) which is part of the reason why my fridge is basically empty. I spend more on vet bills and prescription food than I do on my own food and healthcare. I once added it up, and figured I could have otherwise bought a convertible Porsche, a three-carat conflict-free diamond, or two full sets (his and hers, of course) of Louis Vuitton travel luggage with what I’ve spent in vet bills.But you know, what really gets me going (as the flax oil and organic salad mix may hint at) is that I do try and eat healthy and am concerned about what’s considered “food” these days – but the crap in that cat food? Incredible. Where I used to feed them a varied diet of raw foods, human-quality canned foods, and healthy treats of salmon jerky, I now pay $45 for a 24-can case of…corn. With a little teaser of pork by-products.Alas, what’s a girl to do? Other items not shown: In door: 17 bottles of beer. One bottle of Prosecco. One bottle champagne. One bottle Framboise Lambic. One bottle chocolate-infused whiskey. One jar Vegenaisse.As Sheehan noted in his initial fridge post: “we’re going to try to run these snaps once a week for as long as our supply of food writers and refrigerators holds out, but if some of you out there happen to have a fridge that you think is particularly psychologically telling and/or picturesque, please feel free to send along a snap (along with the necessary identifying information) and maybe we’ll include you in our little experiment. Fridge photos can be sent to me at jsheehan@seattleweekly.com.”