I like to think of myself as an open-minded, exuberant bacon consumer,

I like to think of myself as an open-minded, exuberant bacon consumer, a porkitarian who’d never shy away from a fried ear or even the pig’s feet spring rolls I heard someone say they’d made the other night. So when I heard that Purple Cafe & Wine Bar’s new sweet bites menu featured Bacon Ginger Cookies with Fleur de Sel, I trotted on over with all due speed. But to my genuine disappointment, they were not the holy combination I’d hoped for.True to the menu, they were just like my grandma’s. But my grandma can’t really bake. The first bite revealed good gingersnap texture and undeniable bacony flavor, but as they dissolved in my mouth all I could taste was the fatty part of the bacon (which I should have anticipated, assuming they used straight bacon fat in place of butter). And when I put more in my mouth and began chewing, the cookie collapsed into a mass sticky enough to make me nervous about pulling out a filling. They tasted like perfectly good (albeit not so cute-looking) gingersnaps, accidentally dropped in a pan of very old bacon grease on the way from the oven to my table. I may need therapy before looking at a bacon-inspired dessert again; there seems to be a reason we use butter.Or, perhaps I just need to branch out and try a few of the other more unique things on Purple’s dessert menu, like the Syrah Brownie or the Sparkling Guava Shooter with Coconut Foam. We’ll see.