I Do(obie)

How to marry the love of your life with your love of cannabis.

It’s almost spring, and for many folks that means one thing: wedding season! If the new crop of cannabis-themed wedding conventions is any evidence, incorporating marijuana into that special day is definitely the latest trend. Whether you’re going for a traditional suit-and-tie affair or a bohemian, barefooted handfasting, weed is finding its place in modern nuptial celebrations, from the bachelorette party through to the honeymoon.

Before the wedding, start off on the right foot and take your bachelor or bachelorette party on a canna-bus tour. You can use this as an excuse to buy some of the strains you’re going to serve at the wedding. Canna-themed spa days or gift baskets filled with cannabis-derived body-care products show your hardworking bridesmaids and best humans how much you love them and want them to be supremely high.

One of my favorite trends is the use of buds and fresh leaves in boutonnieres, bouquets, crowns, and even decor, with florists tucking branches of buds in flower arrangements. If you have to keep your love of weed on the down-low, dresses and suits made of hemp silk are also becoming a more popular and viable option. Or add cannabis to the tiniest details: leaf-inspired embroidery on the edge of your dress or collar, cannabis tie-clips and cufflinks, delicate cannabis-leaf hairpins, or even cannabis crumbles in your nails—all subtle ways to bring in the plant while unsuspecting relatives or co-workers might think you just like maple leaves a lot.

Including a canna-bar at your reception can be an easy win. Presented in the same spirit as a whiskey, absinthe, or cigar bar, it introduces cannabis in a relaxed, take-it-or-leave-it fashion. Some folks even curtain off the area to give a little privacy to those imbibing. This can be a great experience for your guests who rarely or never smoke, especially if you staff your canna-bar with a budtender. They can talk about strains with a breadth and depth of knowledge that will delight your guests, all while rolling joints, loading bowls, or prepping dabs.

Brides of all genders love giving away a ton of stuff at their weddings, and ganja-themed goody bags are a thoughtful treat for your lovely guests, letting them know what kind of party it is as soon as they walk in the door. Offer rolling stations right at the dinner table, equipped with papers or pipes, grinders, and of course a couple jars of weed. You could even place a personal take-home mini-bong at every seat.

Find a cannabis-friendly chef to create some delicious dank eats for your party (we are lucky to have several in Seattle). From snacks to appetizers to the main course to dessert, cannabis can feature prominently in your food choices.

If you are hosting your event on public property, remember smoking weed outside is still illegal. If you are hosting on private property, make sure you have the explicit permission of the building owner. Make sure you inform all the professionals coming to the event—the officiant, the photographer, and everyone else—that cannabis will be present. And don’t forget to mention in your invitations that cannabis will be served and whether or not kids are allowed.

And of course, don’t forget the weed lube for the honeymoon!