I didn’t go out the other night to review anything. I was

I didn’t go out the other night to review anything. I was totally off the clock, which is no small feat when your business is the food and beverage business. I know, I know–break out those teeny, tiny violins. But I always appreciate a random good time, like the one I had at The Station Bistro in Ballard.Bistro? Hmmm, I’d call it more of a hang. I usually prefer to make a meal out of appetizers, and that’s where Station gets me. Too many bars are too much restaurant and not enough bar. (It’s a liquor law thing.) Everything is under $10, or everything is $9 to be exact. From ceviche to salads, and a regular pasta or risotto selection, some items are worth $9; although it’s a stretch for others to hit the arbitrary price point. But who cares?/. It’s the perfect place to meet up, when one or two of your party hasn’t eaten yet, but the rest of you just need something to munch with your cocktails. I think their cheese plate is one of the better values du fromage I’ve seen around town, and most of the wines cost less than $30 a bottle. Service was on the ball–attentive, and we never felt rushed.

The old auto shop is modern without being overly designed, and the space has a real bustle and din to it when full. The lady next to us complained about the noise, to which I say, Uh, hello? Bar! But maybe that’s a little detailing needed on The Station’s end. Losing the “bistro,” and embracing the word “bar” would save it from fussy complainants who might have been expecting something else. Me? I got more than I expected, everything I needed, and thank you very much.Incidentally (plug alert!)…The Station will make an excellent home base for tomorrow’s all-local music REVERBfest. <----Oh looky, a link to the schedule!

The Station Bistro

Bar4910 Leary Ave. NWOpen daily 4:00-2:00aKitchen serves until 10:00pm Sun-Thu (11:00pm Fri/Sat)782-8466