How many times has this happened to you? You’re getting ready to

How many times has this happened to you? You’re getting ready to go out for a nice dinner somewhere, and your date says, “Well, okay… But I don’t want to eat anywhere that has paneling.”If you’re like me, this happens constantly. It’s a never-ending battle to find a place that has just the right pile on the carpet, the proper art on the walls, tables that are precisely the right height. But now, I never have to waste time by actually going to restaurants again thanks to the new EveryScape Eats! iphone app which will allow me to take a peek inside any restaurant and judge it without ever getting my fat ass up off the couch!It’s a miracle of modern technology, bringing us all one step closer to the day when all experiences are had via virtual reality and everyone eats lasers. And now it is available in Seattle.That picture at the top of this post? That’s a view of the inside of Cafe Campagne in Post Alley. And back in the dinosaur ages (read: yesterday), that’s all the information we would have about a restaurant prior to going there. Nothing but a picture, a map, reviews of the food and service, slideshows of some of the featured dishes, videos of the chef preparing cheeseburgers, hundreds of on-the-spot reviews from customers on Yelp and Urbanspoon and elsewhere, bloggers talking about the place, newspapers writing about it and the restaurants own website to go on. It was like living in the Dark Ages.But now, we have EveryScape Eats! which, all kidding aside, is actually a little bit cool. Like Google’s Street View, it allows you to virtually tour the inside of any restaurant (that has signed up with the service) and poke around a little before making your reservations.The service launched in Boston, but has since spread to San Francisco, SoHo and, as of today, Seattle. They have a website where you can take the system for a test-drive (you can check out the Eats! view of Cafe Campagne right here), but it’s really meant to be used on your iWhatsis. Here, I’ll let this paid talking head explain it to you…Right now, the spread of Seattle restaurants is a little thin (at least after a quick run through the website), but I’m guessing this will be remedied as more restaurants sign up. And all the reviews attached to the service are sourced through Citysearch (which I am not crazy about). But it’s still fun to play around with. Oh, and the best thing about the new app? It’s free to download.