Harried & Hungry

Just as some broadcasters have a face made for radio, H&H is a space that makes you glad there’s take-out. One lime-green wall at the back of an otherwise white cafe reminds one of a mental ward. The place was mostly empty when I picked up five box lunches and trudged back to the office, only falling down once (note to management: no delivery + bags without handles = likely disaster). Wedged in next to 30-year-old Italian-Mexican mainstay Bruno’s, H&H covers familiar deli territory well enough to represent another valid option in the endless search for new and different office-meeting chow. Each box lunch ($10.50) comes with a beverage, a bag of Tim’s Cascade chips, and a cookie; if there aren’t any cookies available, H&H might throw in a few Top Pot donuts instead. They’re good that way. The falafel sandwich puts excellent, disc-shaped patties in a French roll rather than a pita, then covers them with enough hummus, feta cheese, and cucumber and tomato slices to distract you from the strange choice of bread. While the Elvis-worthy “PBBH” (peanut butter, banana, and honey) is too dry to satisfy, the caprese’s fresh mozzarella and flavorful tomatoes (not enough basil, though) justify making a perfectly reasonable salad into a sandwich. Bottom line: The name of the restaurant suggests the best state in which to place an order there. 1415 Third Ave., 206-264-7900. DOWNTOWN