For Mother’s Day, we bring you a re-run of our brunch columnist’s

For Mother’s Day, we bring you a re-run of our brunch columnist’s favorite spots. Hope you find it helpful.

Happy Anniversary Brunch Fans. For the last six months, I’ve taken on the task of consuming enough eggs to make Cool Hand Luke wince. It’s mostly been a pleasure, as when brunch is good, it is usually very good, and at its worst, it can be summed up in three simple words: the Hurricane Cafe.

Here are the 10 best best bets in eight categories that are worthy of your weekend morning attention:

1. Best Bet(s) Mexi-Brunch:

Fonda La Catrina & Pecado Bueno

Two different, equally good takes on beans at breakfast. Pecado does it DIY with counter service and an outstanding $3 margarita, while Fondais a pleasant, sit-down affair with a bar that does you right.

2. Best Bet(s) Sexy Brunch:

The Blue Glass & Caffe Presse

If you’ve spent Sunday morning knocking boots in Ballard, roll on over to the Blue Glass, where you can feed each other Pain au Chocolat ?l’ancienne. If you’ve been hittin’ it on the Hill, you and your love can indulge in the same dish and some quality bubbles at Cafe Presse.

3. Best Bet Brunch with a Little Tot: The Square Knot Diner

The staff at this affordable, 24-hour Georgetown gem won’t bat an eye when your kid asks for his pancakes with a mountain of whipped cream. Laid-back, low-key, fantastic family diner food.

4. Best Bet Brunch with a Little Pot:

The Waterwheel Lounge

If you visit the Waterwheel on Saturday or Sunday, you are going have some of the best breakfast the city has to offer. They excel in both quality and quantity, and the clientele could give two poops about your frequent “smoke breaks.” Look past the exterior, the interior and the regulars, which on my last visit — for the $9.99 NY steakhouse quality Greek Breakfast Steak (pictured above)– included a grown-ass woman slurring it up at the bar in Hello Kitty footie pajamas, and you will be orally transported to five-star food heaven.

5. Best Bet Brunch on the Rocks:

The 5-Point

Though my first inclination was to go with the Baranof and its lightning-in-a-pint-glass pours, the winner has to be the 5-Point Cafe, as both the drinks and the food exceed your bar breakfast expectations.

6. Best Bet Brunch while watchin’ the Hawks: 9 Million in Unmarked Bills

Spend your next hungry morning game day at Fremont’s 9 Million in Unmarked Bills. New to the brunch game, 9MIUB is a whiskey bar eager to please sports fans and foodies alike.

7. Best Bet Brunch when you want to Pose:

St. John’s

Housed in the former loction of the Rosebud, St. John’s large plate windows let Pike Street passersby gaze in at the who’s who of hip Hill brunchers. The likes of the Young Evils may be hanging out or waiting on you. The cocktails are quality and the kitchen improving, but when your goal is to sip and look pretty, this place has you covered.

8. Best Bet Brunch when you want to Close:


Most 11 am breakfast propositions are returned with a slap in the face, but a proposition at 11 am after two Death in the Afternoons at Gainsbourg may be met with more than minor consideration. This superbly lit and kid-free absinthe bar puts you in just the right mood to ignore the consequences of your actions. As for the food, they do French right, without a crepe in sight.

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