Fish Club

Twelve dollars for five lousy shrimp? First of all, they’re far from lousy: The Fish Club’s luxurious shrimp cocktail, a quintet of chubby jumbos served on a giant chilled plate filled with ice, looks so good you suspect it’ll flop in the flavor department. But it comes through like a champ. Garnished with fresh seaweed (trust me, it works) and accompanied by a small but sufficient bowl of smooth red cocktail sauce (spiked with extra horseradish for daredevils), the shrimp are fresh, sweet, and succulent. Texture is every bit as important as flavor where shrimp are concerned, and these are cooked to a lovely al dente: not remotely mushy, not even slightly rubbery. One bite and all your other shrimp cocktail experiences will flash before your eyes; once you open them, you’ll want to overlook the restaurant’s Miami chic, a seeming holdover from the late ’80s, and abandon yourself completely to five of the finest shrimp you’ve ever eaten. 2100 Alaskan Way, 206-256-1040. WATERFRONT