Dusty Chenault Eblen smiling with her spicy love: St. Vitus. The Watering

Dusty Chenault Eblen smiling with her spicy love: St. Vitus. The Watering Hole:

The Forge Lounge, 65 Marion St., 612-9565, DOWNTOWNThe Atmosphere: Unless you’re heading to catch a ferry, it’s easy to miss the small lounge located on the skyway bridge near First Avenue. Thankfully, part-time bar owners and full-time firemen Jeff Hammock and Mike Ager thought of a swankier place to throw back a drink other than the terminal’s restaurant, making it the perfect pit stop for island commuters. For over three years, both men had kept an eye on the spot, and it wasn’t until a year after its former coffee-shop occupant shut down that they were able to land the keys. From the exposed pipe ceilings to the customized lighting and bar top, details weren’t overlooked even though it’s only a side project for Hammock and Ager. Modern, masculine, and cozy, both men are beginning to see the payoff when it’s hard to find a seat midweek. The Barkeep: Brenda Eblen, who moved just six months ago from her hometown in Alaska. With a smile that can make men swoon, Eblen likes to throw curve balls when she’s been given the power to pour anything she thinks you need to get you through the day.The Drink: Eblen chose two: one sweet and one tongue-tingling hot to calm my nerves and intensify my senses. The first, known as the Matcha Mule, contains powdered green tea infused vodka, lime, and Cock ‘n Bull cane-sugar ginger beer. The second, named St. Vitus, is a mixture of muddled mint, Hot Monkey chili pepper vodka, house-pressed sour mix, and soda. Dusty Chenault Sweet goodness: Matcha Mule.The Verdict: With just enough sweet to back up the heat, Eblen knows both drinks go hand in hand. With the sugary lemonade appearance St. Vitus has, it’s easy to want to take a gulp rather than a sip. While it’s hard to notice a kick at first, it’s the afterburn that has you grabbing the sweet tea for an antioxidant breather. Since the Forge keeps as much of their menu as possible focused on local vendors, both drinks won’t last long before a seasonal switch comes into play; so get ’em while you can.Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook

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