Don’t Look for Nutella at Unicorn Crepes

Just ask for a “banana custard choco whip” crepe.

It is a fantasy: At Unicorn Crepes, the ID’s new crepe shop, you can binge on fusion crepes and ogle a Kappabashi-dori-style plastic food display—at the same time.

Don’t come here for Nutella, because Unicorn doesn’t serve your run-of-the-mill Parisian varieties. Here, the crepes come rolled neatly into peel-away paper wrappers. You’ll eat the crepe like an ice-cream cone, twirling the paper down as you bite into it. The combinations are staggering for someone who spent a good many nights stumbling toward crepe stands in Paris.

I was disappointed to find the man behind the counter didn’t apply the same standards of haute design to customers’ desserts as someone had to the plastic versions in the window—crème was plopped down in big splooges rather than kissed in neat arrays along the sides of each crepe. Artistic license, I guess. But my “banana custard choco whip” crepe ($3.65) had a delightfully gooey combination of ripe bananas, organic house-made custard, and what tasted an awful lot like Hershey’s syrup. The chocolate might make a Frenchie cringe, but I enjoyed it.

But this?

Yes, it’s a chili cheese hot dog crepe (fusion between French and nasty?). Unicorn also sells a teriyaki cheese chicken salad crepe, a pizza crepe (a French calzone?), and a potato salad crepe that, strangely, sounded good to me.

When I asked the nice folks behind the counter about the unicorn thing, they said unicorns represent good fortune and peace and are especially important symbols for women and girls, whom, as one employee told me, they see as their main customer base “because women like sweets.” I’d like to argue, but I can’t, really. I owned a stuffed purple unicorn until…wait, I might still have it.