Coffee Messiah

The Messiah’s official motto is “caffeine saves,” but a stack of vegan pancakes can just as easily mean salvation for hungover Hill punks, chess-playing dog owners, and every other demographic that frequents the neighborhood’s most cheerfully grungy brunch spot. Ask for jam to go with your toast, and you get a bucket of it; no dainty crystal marmalade dishes here. Want syrup on those pancakes? Here’s the jug. The baked goods vary in quality (the vegan blueberry scones taste too fake buttery), but most of the breakfast choices are solid. Now that the widely beloved Green Cat is resting in peace, Olive Way’s best tofu scramble can be found at the Messiah: turmeric-yellowed and chock-full of crisp veggies, it’s the perfect thing to eat while you peruse your socialist paper before catching a matinee of Go Further. 1554 E. Olive Way, 206-861-8233. CAPITOL HILL